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The Best Ways to Spend Your Time in Australia 2014

Australia is a huge country, and with such a huge country comes immense diversity. You could spend years making your way around to barely make a dent in what it has to offer! However, we’ve put together what we consider to be a list of some of the best ways to spend your time in Australia this year. These activities will at least help you to scratch the surface and get a feel for what down under is really about:

Explore the Vast Array of Islands

Why not stay away from the commonly visited areas in Aus and instead go and see some of the less visited areas? You’ll love Kangaroo Island, which is just south of Adelaide. Alternatively if you want a more relaxed stay in Aus, try King Island, located just North of Tasmania. You can eat, sleep, fish, and dive all to your hearts content.

Fall in Love with MONA

MONA, otherwise known as the Museum of New Art, is the place to visit if you’re in Australia. The size and value of the art here is second to none, and people come from far and near to see what they have on offer.

Visit Some World Class Restaurants

It isn’t hard to find a world class restaurant in Australia. You’ll probably even visit a couple accidentally just from strolling in as you pass by! The Royal Mail Hotel in Dunkeld is Superb, Loam in Drysdale. We couldn’t possibly list them all here though, there are hundreds!

See Newcastle

Newcastle is positively charming, although it doesn’t have the glamour that nearby Sydney has. The locals are very friendly, and if you’re lucky they’ll share some secrets with you: the best place to get a drink, local gigs, amazing spots on the beach, and even cool coffee shops. If you travel to Newcastle’s glamorous neighbor, don’t hesitate to take a look at yacht hire in Sydney to explore!

Dive Into the Great Barrier Reef

It wouldn’t be a trip to Australia without visiting the Great Barrier Reef! Dive into the Great Barrier Reef and see the amazing sea life for yourself. Some people worry about pollution, but providing you pick a tour operator that is environmentally responsible you won’t have a problem.

Go on a Hike

There are plenty of opportunities to hike in Australia, and many can be altered to suit you. You could go on a short walk, or you could do one better and spend 6 days and 5 nights travelling from Cradle Valley to Lake St Clair.

Take an Outback Road Trip

By taking an outback road trip, you’ll be able to make the most of what Australia has to offer. Enjoy the scenery, including beautiful gorges, riverbeds, and even tranquil waterfalls you can take a dip in.

If you’re heading over to Australia this year, it could be a once in a lifetime thing. Make the most of your time and follow our advice with plenty of fine dining, exploring, diving, and hiking. You’ll make it a trip you won’t forget in a hurry! Have you been to Australia? What did you do there? Let us know in the comments!

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