The Essential Guide To Morzine

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For skiers, there are few places as charming and quaint as Morzine. Situated on the very Eastern edge of France, the views are panoramic. Mountains, hills and the river gorge are prominent features in the landscape and provide a stunning backdrop for any holiday.  Photographers love this area for its views and holidayers from all walks of life enjoy everything this market town has to offer.

Morzine is most famous for its chalet accommodation. Morzine Chalets sprawl across a river gorge, and its proximity to wooded slopes allow for skiing even in poorer weather conditions. This area is also popular in warmer weather for caving and mountain biking. Whatever the weather, and whatever activity you fancy, Morzine is a stunning location.

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Tour de France fans will be very familiar with Morzine as the end-stage location for the mountain regions. This part of the race is incredibly tough on the athletes because of navigating the mountains around the area. The scenery more than makes up for the physical pain of the journey!

If biking and skiing aren’t for you, or you have smaller kids with you, try out some of the other activities available in Morzine. Helicopter flights provide the views to take your breath away (some age restrictions may apply) and snow segues are a fun way to get around. There is also an indoor swimming pool for all the family to enjoy and ice-diving for the very adventurous!

There are cinemas and child-friendly restaurants in the area that provide for a family. Accommodation in the area is geared toward the stunning chalets that provide cosy, quaint rooms with all you may need for your stay. There is also a variety of shops and guides to help you enjoy your stay.

When you are visiting a ski region in the winter, there are many hazards to be wary of. If you keep to the areas signed you should be safe. Those that wander from the routes, tracks and guides do so at their own risk. You may want to invest in your own ski and snowboard equipment to lessen the risk of sports related injuries.

Skiing and snowboarding can still be considered extreme sports. If you are visiting Morzine for those activities, check your travel insurance fully covers you. Some insurance providers will not insure you for a  number of the activities you may be interested in taking on during your stay. Check your travel insurance policy thoroughly before you set off for your holiday. If you still need to buy your travel insurance, make sure you have it confirmed in writing you are covered for the activities you want to do.

If you are going to Morzine for the views and choose to take a good camera with you, be sure your travel insurance covers the full value of your equipment. Your home contents insurance may not cover these items in these circumstances. The views at Morzine are certain to provide you with some stunning photographs.

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