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The Top 8 Restaurants to Eat Out at In Paris

Paris is renowned for many things, including the divine food and their wonderful french language. You haven’t really visited Paris until you’ve been to one of the best michelin star restaurants and sampled the local delicacies! Here’s the top 8 restaurants:

Le Meurice

This is a posh hotel that provides glamourous food. You’ll love the mosaic floor, chandeliers, thick fancy curtains and the gorgeous views at the gardens over the road. The food is inventive and delicious, exactly the reason the restaurant earned a third michelin star. Here you can sample green ravioli with snails and garlic, or even pigeon marinated in red wine…inventive indeed.


If you choose to have a meal here it will cost you so much you’ll have to see it as a bit of an investment. However, you won’t be disappointed! The restaurant is set in a side street that looks magnificently vintage with cobbles everywhere. You then enter the restaurant, greeted with friendly service and fancy mirrored walls. The menu is very creative, with dishes such as the baby spinach with sea urchins.

Huitrerie Regis

If you like oysters, you’ll get the best one’s you’ve ever tasted at this restaurant. Other seafood is also a speciality including prawns, clams and sea urchins. You’ll love the cosy, local feel of this restaurant and the white wine they serve perfectly complements the food.


This is a restaurant in Paris which is actually run by an englishman. This restaurant is the perfect choice for vegetarians in Paris as the head chef uses them imaginatively and deliciously. The decor is simply gorgeous and you won’t tire of overlooking the Palais Royal. This is also a good choice for the wine connoisseurs as the wine menu is exquisite.


This restaurant is nearly always full due to the head chef and his tasty menu. The basque country trout is a favourite with visitors, as is the grilled prawns on a bed of baby fennel. You’ll be lucky to get a reservation but if you don’t try you don’t get! Don’t miss out.

Le Stella

This is a refreshingly independent brasserie that serves food like no other. You’ll enjoy onion soup, snails, steak, roast lamb and more. The staff are friendly and helpful and you’ll notice this eatery has some real character.


The head chef has experience at other glamourous restaurants and it really shines through in his dishes. However, stay away if you’re not a cat fan as this restaurant has a large resident cat that has become almost like it’s mascot! This is the perfect place to visit if you’re looking to have a good time while you enjoy your food. Plus it’s just received two michelin stars in one go!


This is a unique restaurant that offers a different tea with every course of your meal, courtesy of the tea steward. The restaurant is positively charming with a vintage beamed ceiling and stone walls. The menu’s change on daily basis depending on what the owner has purchased, but you can expect to try things like grilled scallops and homemade ginger ice cream. Yum!

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