The Top Five Travel Destinations In Africa

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Africa is one place where most people view with caution. As soon as they hear Africa, they start to think of the security and the infomercials that they see on television. In reality, Africa is not like that at all. Of course, some parts of Africa experience extreme poverty, but there are also areas that will blow your mind. For the adventurous travelers among you, Africa is without a doubt the next place to visit. Here are five places that you cannot miss should you get the chance.

The Maasai Mara

Africa is notorious for its wildlife and safari tours, and they don’t come better than on the Maasai Mara in Kenya. The Maasai is the one place where you will get to see all of the Big Five in one place, as well as numerous other animals such as crocodiles. In fact, Maasai Mara is the one place where you might get to see the some spectacular animals in all their glory. During the dry season, millions of wildebeest migrate through Maasai as they try to make their way to greener pastures. From a hot air balloon, the views are staggering, especially when the lions and crocs come out to play!

Pyramids Of Giza

Everyone knows about the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. For centuries, the Pyramids have stood tall, showcasing remarkable architecture from a time that is viewed as less advanced as we are today. And, they still hold many mysteries as the Royals of previous kingdoms call the Pyramids their homes. Many archeologists have tried to unlock the secrets of the Pyramids, but they have failed. Still, it is great to see them close up and marvel at their size and beauty. While you are there, you can also catch a glimpse of The Sphinx.


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Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls are the largest waterfalls on the continent. At over a mile wide and over three-hundred and fifty feet high, they are a reminder of the power of the natural world. Even though you cannot get anywhere near them – they are that powerful – you can still feel the spray of the water and the earth shudder. In fact, the water spray can be seen from nearly thirty miles away, which shows you the extreme power of Victoria Falls. Only Niagara Falls on the border of Canada and the US can match the size and power of its African cousin.

Zuma Rock, Nigeria

What is so special about a rock? For starters, its size is pretty impressive as it is 2,400ft above sea level. That is a long way up! But, read any Nigeria information package and you will find out about the face in Zuma Rock. As you get nearer, a face becomes visible. Although it is just the way the rock formulates, it is an impressive site all the same. In fact, it is well worth a trip to Nigeria for, that is for sure!

Mount Kilimanjaro

Mt. Kilimanjaro is located in Tanzania, and it is the biggest mountain in all of Africa. For adventure travelers, Kilimanjaro should be at the top of the list of things to do in Africa. Scaling the mountain is possible, as long as you have a guide, the right equipment, and the fitness!


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