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The Ultimate Packing Tips For Your Travels This Year

Packing for your holidays is one of the most exciting things that you can do. The anticipation and build up towards your holiday is unrivalled. However, if you are planning on backpacking this year, you are going to need to know a few things about packing light. The adage less is more has never been more applicable when it comes to backpacking.

If you need some quality advice on how to pack for your impending travels, then look no further:


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Pack Attack

You may think that you need to take the entire contents of your wardrobe with you while you travel, but this is not true. Think about how long you are going travelling for and pack accordingly.

If you are jetting off for a two-week package deal, then pack the appropriate amount of clothes for two weeks. However, if you are travelling for a significant number of months, you may want to be more conscious in your packing efforts.

Do bear in mind that while you travel, you will have to wash clothes. You cannot walk around with three months worth of clothing in a rucksack. That is simply madness.

Endeavour to pack what you need and be practical for the location. Take a few pairs of shorts, linen trousers, underwear, t-shirts, walking boots and flip flops. These are your essentials.

Luxuries are ‘nice to have’ during your travels, but you may want to think about the amount of luxuries you take. iPods, cameras and phones are a must, but everything else should stay at home. iPods will help you whittle away the hours when you are travelling via plane or coach. Cameras are perfect for helping you create awesome memories. What is more, phones are essential for emergency situations. Anything else is not worth taking.

Think about what is considered a manageable load. You do not want to carry everything around in this backpack and hurt yourself. Be ruthless in your packing and only take what is considered to be essential.

Compile a List

Yes. Compiling lists is tedious and not exactly a fun way to starting your holiday adventure. What you need is to make sure that you have everything you need. compiling a holiday list will make sure that you are not caught short with underwear and essential items.

Compiling a list will help you organise your efforts in a more efficient way.

Pitfalls and Things to Avoid

When packing for your next holiday, there are some things that you need to avoid taking. People take a lot of stuff with them while they travel, and it is not always practical. Ditch the books, gadgets and toiletries. Only take cosmetics  that are essential and will last you a few days. You don’t want to be bogged down with cosmetics. Remember, there are shops while you travel, and you can pick up shampoo, conditioner and the like while you see the sights. You will feel much better for only getting what you need.

Travelling, holidays and foreign experiences are all excellent. Make sure that you are having a great time, but remember to pack light!

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