Things to Consider When Taking a Divemaster Internship

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Do you wish to live your life beneath the waves? Do you want to be able to scuba dive every day and be compensated for it? You can do this through a Divemaster internship Lembongan program in Indonesia. Your instructors will train you to be a role model for divers worldwide. It’s the first step toward becoming a professional diver and share your enthusiasm with others!

Throughout the Divemaster Internship Lembongan program, you will work alongside a PADI Instructor. You’ll hone your diving abilities with the help of your mentor. This includes buoyancy, problem-solving abilities, and the ability to guide. There are various things to remember when selecting your divemaster internship. Let’s discuss some of them below!

  1. Conditions of the diving site.

Currents, depth, and visibility are all important factors to consider when enrolling in the Divemaster Internship Lembongan. On one hand, calm conditions promote relaxed and easy diving. Extreme, sometimes stressful, conditions, on the other hand, may push you to become a more confident divemaster. Much of this will be determined by your personality. Do you prefer to dip your toes in the water, or being thrown in at the deep end? Of course, conditions can change. However, as a diver, you will understand the significance of appreciating the environment you are about to enter whether it seems safer or a bit hostile.

Another factor to consider is the proximity of dive sites. Are they close to the dive shop or require lengthy boat rides? Some dive centers conduct multiple dives daily, returning home after each, whereas others require staying aboard the boat for the entire day or even longer. It all boils down to what is convenient for you. However, a long, bouncing boat ride is enough to put most people off a dive before it even starts, so it’s advisable to be aware of typical sea conditions beforehand.

  • Location of your area of interest.

Since modern diving equipment allows us to dive in extreme conditions, the location options for divemaster trainees (DMTs) are quite diverse. For obvious reasons, the local culture can significantly impact your divemaster internship experience. It is prudent to be aware of the religions, foods, customs, and traditions you will encounter during your journey. As a traveler, you probably enjoy immersing yourself in different cultures, but be honest. You’ll have a much better time if you feel at ease and connected to the local culture.

Regarding climate, ask yourself whether you can stay in a hot, humid country for several months or prefer milder temperatures. Similarly, while some colder climates offer incredible diving, you must be confident living and working in such conditions. Sealife is also an important consideration. Investigate the animals, coral, and landscapes of each location on your list. Which of those could you see every day for months and not get tired of? It is also vital to note some fantastic diving spots you wish to check out and try can be very remote, whereas others are not. Before choosing your destination, consider which is best for you. Remember, you’ll be living there for quite some time!

  • Your understanding of the dive center.

Understanding the dive center, its operations, and its values is also critical when joining the Divemaster Internship Lembongan program. As with any job, you should ensure it’s a good fit. You’ll spend a lot of time at your chosen dive center and probably even more time with the staff, so feeling like you’re part of the team is critical. When selecting a divemaster internship, you should also consider where you will receive the best education. After all, that is what you are signing up for. And if you pay for a service, you want to know you’re getting your money’s worth. You can get a sense of them by looking at their social media and testimonials to assess others’ perceptions of their services.

  • A Certification in Emergency First Response (EFR) and PADI Rescue Diver certification.

PADI requires basic First Aid and CPR skills as a prerequisite for the Divemaster course. Don’t be concerned if you still need to take those courses; they are taught regularly in Bali’s various diving centers.

Final Take Away

The Divemaster Internship Lembongan program is designed for those who want to improve their diving skills. It exposes you to various staged and real-world scenarios to test your diving abilities. You’ll also learn how to guide and assist courses, which is an important part of being a Divemaster. You will collaborate directly with your mentor, gaining valuable insights from their experiences. Furthermore, becoming a Divemaster in Nusa Lembongan looks great on your resume. It demonstrates to potential employers that you can handle currents and lower temperatures. Begin your diving career with a Divemaster internship at a reputable dive center like Legend Diving Lembongan.

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