Things To Remember When Traveling With The Kids

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There is nothing worse than traveling with bored children. The constant question of “are we there yet?” on road trips is enough to drive you wild. Lucky, if you are traveling on a plane and are fortunate enough to have a window seat, there is the outside scenery of clouds to take your kids minds off of it. If you are on a boat, you may be able to get away with the “keep looking you may see land soon” line for a fair while, but this will also wear thin after a time, not to mention the possibility of seasickness.

Sometimes the only thing you can do is prepare for the worst and plan some travel games that you can play during the boring parts of your trip.

Hopefully, with games being enjoyed and played, there will not be any time for arguments, cries of boredom or anything else to upset the calm, but then again, we are talking about kids.

Plan your route Properly

Take care to plan plenty of stops on your journey. Places that have parks or somewhere the kids can run off a bit of steam are the best ones to go for. Make sure to have a ball for the kids to kick or throw at each other just in case these parks you may stop at may not have the play facilities for the kids.

If there are no parks on the route, look for other places of interest that can be used, such as museums, farms, or even gas stations. Just make sure you have enough time to stop off so that you’re not rushing.

Cloud spotting is another good way of helping kid’s imaginations grow and stop them from getting super bored. It is amazing what shapes can be seen in the clouds, from domestic animals to faces and even dragons.

Play Trivia Games

Educating your kids while you are traveling can be super fun, and there is plenty of different trivia you can try. Get them to name how many countries they know, ask them questions from mythology or other things that interest them, and for sport fans, see if they can name all the Euro Cup Venues as well as the NFL or NBA venues. This should keep them quiet for a while and engaged.

Plan a picnic

It is always wise to take a selection of food and drink when traveling long distances and even more so with kids.

Get the kids involved with choosing and preparing the picnic so that each one makes their own food parcels. This should ensure that there are no arguments over who has what on the day and that all food packed by them is eaten. Of course, it is a good idea to pack stuff that everybody likes just in case appetites change on the day.

Make sure that there is plenty of drinks available and cut down on the sugary treats, as the last thing anyone wants is hyperactive kids rolling around the back seat, distracting the poor driver.

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