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Three Unbelievable Reasons To Finally Take That Trip To Italy


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Everyone has a bucket list of countries that they want to visit, and Italy is always at the top. But, for whatever reason, you have never managed to get around to booking your flights. And now, your dream trip to Italy seems farther away than ever before. What you need is to remember why you want to travel to the country in the first place. Then, you can rediscover your love and finally experience everything it has to offer. For those that need reminding, here are five reasons to take the trip of your dreams.


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  1.    Rome

Okay, Rome isn’t a small city that most people stumble across on their travels. It is very popular, which means it has a lot of tourists. As a result, the attractions are full of people waiting to get a glimpse of the Basilica or Colosseum. If that is annoying, it is just something you have to stomach in the capital city. But, you shouldn’t let it put you off going. For starters, the attractions are among some of the best in the world. Sure, Europe has the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben, but the Vatican is something else. In fact, there is so much to do that you will need to check out things to do in Rome by Travezl to make sure you don’t miss anything. Plus, the atmosphere is amazing. It is a modern city, but it also has an ancient feel. Just like London, you can feel the history everywhere you go in the city.


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  1.    It Has Amazing Beaches

Beach lovers will tend to think more of the South of France and Spain with regards to beaches. The truth is that Italy has an array of them, and they are just as good as any on the continent. You might have to leave the mainland, but they are worth the trip. The spiaggias are as golden as it gets, and the water is a crystal clear turquoise colour. Obviously, the weather is pretty spectacular too as the best beaches are in the south where the weather is warmer.


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  1.    The Islands

Italy is a strange country in the sense that it has more than just the mainland. Sure, it is a good idea to visit the islands for their beaches. But, it is also a good idea to fit a few more activities in while you are there. Places like Sardinia are idyllic as the island lies in the middle of the Mediterranean surrounded by nothing but water. Then, places like Sicily are full of culture and things to see. Firstly, there is Mount Etna, which is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. But, there is also a chance to see how the villagers live. Sicily is a place that seems like it is still behind the times, and that is a good thing. The life is simple and uncomplicated, and it is well worth sampling.


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If you haven’t got around to it yet, what are you waiting for? It is a once in a lifetime trip, and you will regret it if you never seize the opportunity.


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