Tips on Surviving a Long-Haul Flight

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If you are planning a trip to a location that is far away, such as UK to China, or, USA to Spain (both have 11 to 12 hour average flight time), then you’ll want to know tips on how to prepare for such a long flight. – after all, you’ll be spending half a day up in the sky. There are many things to remember when it comes to surviving a 12+ hour flight. Let’s delve into some tips.

Make sure to book your flight as early as possible

Generally, the earlier you buy your ticket, the cheaper and better your flight will be. For example, if you are traveling from Los Angeles (LAX) to Budapest, Hungary (BUD), chances are that your flight will be longer than 12 hours. If you book early, you will save a few hundred dollars and possibly get a flight that does not come with a long layover.

Make sure to bring a neck pillow

If you have ever taken a flight longer than 2 hours then you understand the neck pain that comes with a long haul flight. This is why it is recommended that you bring a neck pillow that will stabilize your neck and spine. This will have you sleeping comfortably for the duration of your flight.

Bring compression socks

Many people suffer from what professionals call “restless leg syndrome,” however, there are many ways to try to combat this disorder. First of all, Restless Leg Syndrome or RLS, affects more people than you think. It is described as an urge to move your feet and this is caused by traveling in an airplane, car or bus. Because of this, you should bring compression socks or tight socks that help increase circulation to your lower extremities, especially your legs.

Bring a Sleep Aid

You never know what you are getting yourself into when traveling across the country. You may have a delayed flight or flight that has been changed which results in a delayed flight.  Because of this, it is advised to bring a sleep aid. Depending on your preference, sleep aids will help from start to finish! Some of these include: Tylenol, Advil, ZQuill and Melatonin. We recommend Melatonin as it is a natural sleep aid and may help you get some shut eye during your long haul flight.

Bring your own food

It has been known that many airlines charge hefty fees for their airline food (which is not that great anyway). So for that matter, you will want to bring your own snacks and candy. Most airports will not allow you to bring any food or water after passing security. It is advised to buy all food and drinks after passing through security.

Make Sure to Bring Small Items in Your Carry On

If you are traveling for 1 week or less then it is advised to bring only a few items to wear. For example: 3 pants, 4 shirts, 4 undergarments. Use the 3-4-4 rule when traveling light! Traveling light means going on vacation for less than one week! The best part about traveling light is that you are able to buy and bring souvenirs home for your friends, family, and obviously for yourself!

Chapstick is Key

No matter wherever you go, moisturizing is definitely a key part in having a smooth route to wherever you land. Air can get quite dry when traveling so in order to keep your body hydrated it is definitely advised to bring chapstick and other forms of moisturiser during your long haul flight.

Bring your own Headphones

While they may be convenient, nobody wants to use those nasty headphones that they provide on your flight. This is why you want to make sure to bring your own pair of bluetooth or wireless headphones to ensure you can enjoy some tunes while flying to your favorite country!

Download Netflix on your phone

I cannot stress this enough! When you have a flight that is longer than 5 hours, I definitely recommend downloading the Netflix app on your phone and downloading a few movies or shows in order to entertain yourself during your flight. Due to the pandemic, most flights will not provide any form of entertainment so it is best to bring your own. You may be able to buy headphones at the airport, however it is not recommended.

Wear comfortable shoes

The best thing you can do during a long haul flight is to wear comfortable shoes. If you do this, you will set yourself up for success. Many people suffer from restless leg syndrome so wearing comfortable shoes will help you increase the circulation in your leg. Circulation is key. Especially if you are increasing circulation in your legs.

These long-haul flight tips should prepare you well for your upcoming vacation. If you have any tips or advice of your own, be sure to leave them in the comments below.

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