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Top Israel Attractions: Don’t Miss These!

Although Israel may not be the first place that pops into people’s heads when they think of going travelling, it’s a fantastic place to go. Whether you’re looking at going away for just a week, or even a few months, you’ll find plenty of things to do here that you can happily cross off your bucket list! Here are the top Israel attractions that you shouldn’t miss:


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Explore the Mountain Fortress Masada

The mountain fortress overlooks the Dead Sea. It’s an isolated rock plateau, and is definitely a must see. If you want to have an adventure, take a walk up the ‘Snake path’. Otherwise, you can hop in a cable car and see everything that way. Don’t forget to tell your family about it afterwards with an Israel phone rental either.

Watch the Sunset at Tel Aviv Beach

The beach here is truly beautiful, and is the most amazing spot if you want to see the sun set. Take yourself your favourite tipple, take off your shoes so you can feel the sand in your toes, and watch the sea gently wave in front of you. There are beachside cafes to enjoy there too!

Float in the Dead Sea

Did you know that the dead sea is the lowest point on Earth? Well, you do now! It’s definitely worth a visit. People go to the dead see when they’re feeling low or like they need to chill out. It’s a great place to pamper yourself! All you have to do is get a handful of natural, mineral rich dead sea mud, smooth it on and then float in the warm water. You can even snorkel or scuba in the dead sea if you want to see some amazing fish.

Go to the Camel Market and Haggle

This market, located in Tel Aviv, is a great opportunity for you to strike up some deals with marketers. Practice your bargaining skills and have some fun! You’ll find multiple clothes stalls, and then you’ll end up among all of the exciting food and spices. The smells and colours are really something else. A day out that shouldn’t be missed!

Explore Jerusalem

Jerusalem is definitely a must see, as it’s the home to many religious sites of significance. I recommend spending the whole day here to really take it all in. You can start by saying a prayer between the stones of the Western Wall, before looking at the stalls in the Old City bazaar. You could even visit the site where Jesus is said to have been crucified.

Stand on the Edge of the Ramon Crater

This crater is 40 km long and 2-10 km wide, in a heart shape! It was created naturally by water and the climate. At the deepest point, it goes as deep as 500m.

As you can see, Israel has much more to offer than you probably originally thought. Make sure you do everything listed here in order to have a fantastic trip. You’ll be able to tell everybody you know that you’ve thoroughly explored this cultural, inspiring country!

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