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Top Reasons You Should Visit Germany

Ever since the end of World War 2, many western people have been less than enthusiastic about visiting Germany on their summer holiday. However, that is something that has been changing during the last decade or so. It’s a wonderful country with lots of interesting things to see and do. It could be the ideal location for an interesting trip that will educate you and help to promote better cultural understanding.

If you’re still unsure as to whether or not Germany is the place to take your next vacation, you’ll be glad to know we’ve highlighted some of the main reasons it’s a good idea. Visiting Germany could be perfect for anyone who has an interest in the events of the last century, but it’s also great for people who just want to try something new. You can only take your holidays in Spain so many times before it gets boring.

  • Reason #1: The People

Germany people are some of the most friendly and welcoming folks in the whole of Europe. As many people stopped visiting the country for leisure purposes seventy years ago, the tourism industry has only just begun to thrive. That means you shouldn’t find yourself lost among crowds of tourists, and you will always have the opportunity to make new acquaintances.

  • Reason #2: The Sights

Unfortunately, most of the oldest buildings in Germany were lost during WW2. However, there are lots of museums that show photographs and exhibits showing how the country used to look. There are a few old buildings left in Berlin through, and plenty of amazing scenery in the Bavaria region. Those of you who decide to travel to south Germany will be glad to know there are mountain tours and lots of interesting activities to keep you occupied. Just make sure you try to get the best hotel deals possible in your area of choice. Germany is a big place, and so you want to be close to the action.

  • Reason #3: The Festivals

German people love celebrations, and that is why there are many parades and festivals throughout the year. You’ll also find a fantastic food market in Berlin during the two months running up to Christmas. Those of you who love music will be thrilled to hear that some of Europe’s largest raves and club nights now happen in the country. However, there are plenty of jazz bars around, and there has been since the early 1900s. Beer is also popular in Germany. There are no less than ten internationally famous breweries in Berlin alone.

Lastly, Germany could be the ideal place to take a holiday because prices are reasonable. While you might expect to pay a premium for a summertime Italian trip, a visit to Germany could cost half that amount. Of course, there is nothing stopping you from taking day trips to the surrounding European countries if you have the time. Popular day trip destinations from Germany include Belgium, Austria and Holland.

We hope you decide to make a booking soon and experience the wonders of this great nation. Enjoy!


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