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Top Tips For Driving Abroad If You’ve Never Done It Before


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Driving is the ideal way to travel while you’re abroad. It provides you with the freedom to plan your own itinerary filled with a marvellous array of activities. If you’re planning on hiring a car or taking your caravan with you on your next adventure abroad, there are few things you will need to consider. If you think driving at home is challenging, driving abroad can be even worse. But don’t let that put you off, you just need to prepare yourself for what could be in store. Read these top tip to help you get ready for a driving adventure abroad.

Research the area before you go

The best way of preparing yourself for the open road abroad is to do plenty of research beforehand. Find out about local driving etiquette for the areas you are travelling to. This will make it less of a shock when you get there, especially if their driving style is quite chaotic. Also, read plenty of online reviews and guides. This will help you plan tourist friendly routes and avoid any especially dangerous roads. These guides should also inform you of any driving permits you might need. This Manali to Leh highway travel guide is a great example of what you should be looking for.

Take your documentation with you

Your documentation should be kept with you at all times. Accidents can happen at any moment and can be sorted out a lot quicker if you have your insurance and driving licence with you. If you’re hiring a car, you will also need this documentation to prove you are able to safely drive a vehicle. Always have multiple copies of these documents to hand and keep them in a waterproof folder.



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Don’t rely on Sat Navs

Sat Navs are marvellous inventions and make driving abroad a breeze. But what can you do if your Sat Nav breaks or decides not to work when you’re in the middle of nowhere? This is why having a map inside your car is essential. Always make sure you have an up to date map with you whenever you get in the car to avoid getting lost during your trip. Maybe brush up on your map reading skills before you go away by visiting local areas of interest near your home.

Get the right car insurance

Car insurance is a necessity when driving abroad. You don’t want to get stung with hefty bills after an accident as it could jeopardise the remainder of your holiday. Check that your current insurer you have offers international driving cover. Always read the small print and ensure you’re covered for all manner of issues. Ask your insurer for a Green Card and also enquire about breakdown policies abroad. If hiring a car always ensure the supplier is fully insured before getting into a vehicle.

Driving abroad is an incredible way of seeing a country up close. It would be a shame if your trip were ruined due to lack of organisation and planning. Always get your car serviced before long road trips and keep it maintained while you’re away. You’ll find driving abroad is quite easy after all.



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