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Top Tips for Making the Most of Your Northern Lights Trip

The Northern Lights are one of the most spectacular natural phenomena to see in the world. You can visit several destinations to catch a glimpse of these fascinating occurrences. However, as with any trip, you could be disappointed if you get it wrong. You should plan your trip carefully if you want to ensure you have a fabulous time. Most importantly, you want to increase your chance of seeing the lights. If you wish to have an incredible time, follow these top tips to make the most of your trip.

Pick Your Destination and Choose the Best Time of Year

There are a number of countries where you can see the incredible aurora borealis. They’re all northern and often freezing and snowy, but that doesn’t mean they’re the same. Some of the most popular destinations include Sweden, Norway and Finland. You can also visit Iceland, Greenland or Canada to chase down the Northern Lights. If seeing them is your top priority, you probably should pick your destination based on when you want to go. Many places are best to visit late in the year, while others offer you a better experience early in the year. As a general guide, between December and March is the best time to see the lights.


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Decide Who to Go With

Next, you need to choose a travel company for your trip. You can try to organize most things yourself, but it’s much easier to use a tour company. If you want to go and find the Northern Lights, a guided excursion is a must. Expert trackers can help you choose the best night to go and take you to the better places to find them. Some companies will even give you another trip for free if you don’t get to see the lights. Have a look at what each tour offers, including accommodation and other activities.

Make Some Memories

When you finally go on your trip to find the Aurora, you need to ensure you have some memories to take home. Taking photos of the lights is an excellent idea, but it can be difficult to do. Have a look at Northern Lights photography trips to help you achieve what you want. These trips can give you assistance with finding the right conditions and using the best settings on your camera. Ask some of the travel and photography experts who have photographed the lights before for some tips.

Plan Other Activities

There are many times of year when you can almost guarantee you’re going to see the Northern Lights. You’ll have a better chance if you can try on several nights and wait for clear weather. But you don’t want only to sit around and wait for them to appear. There’s much more you can do, especially during the day. So make sure you plan some other activities to get excited about, whether it’s whale watching or snowshoeing.

Seeing the Northern Lights can be a spectacular experience for any nature or travel lover. Make sure your trip is fantastic by planning it well.


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