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Top Tips for RV Security

You found the perfect RV, you’ve chosen your destination, got all your belongings packed, and now you’re ready to hit the road. Though you’re anxious to be on your way, there’s just one more factor that needs to be considered to ensure you have a great time – security. Unfortunately, it’s one of the most overlooked aspects of traveling by RV. Outside of making sure to lock the doors, novice campers set up shop, go off exploring, and come back to find that their belongings (or the RV) is missing. As it can be a bit convenient and alluring for thieves to take a house on wheels it is crucial to be prepared.

Watch Where You Park

When you arrive at a campsite how you park is key. It may seem most feasible to back your camper into a spot to make it easier to pull off later, but this is a huge mistake. Those looking to steal your camper can easily hop in and drive off or hitch up your trailer and disappear without looking suspicious. Remember to park your camper so that the hitch isn’t easy to get to.

Don’t Isolate Yourself

Though you may not want to be in the midst of a crowd, trying to find an isolated area to camp can be a safety hazard. You’ve now singled yourself and your loved ones out making it easier for thieves to strike without being noticed. Try to find a location near other campers. Be sure to be friendly and introduce yourself. This increases the likelihood that if something does go wrong, other campers will try and notify you. Knowing that others are around to spot them will certainly keep suspicious characters away.

Pull the Shades

The worst thing you can do is make it easy for a burglar to see what you have to offer. Whether you’re in the camper or not, having something like rv day night shades can increase your privacy and security. It keeps passersby from seeing what you have in your camper that might tempt them to break in.

Lock Up Thoroughly

If you’re going to be away from your RV locking up is important. You’ll need to go beyond the basic locking of windows and doors too. Investing in a lck for the kingpin as well as a boot which will prevent the wheel from turning. If you have valuables inside the camper, you may want to lock those things in a safe.

Security Systems

Believe it or not lots of frequent travelers decide to invest in a security system for their RV. It doesn’t necessarily have to be one as advanced as your home, but a few motion detectors, security lights, and noise makers can scare someone up to no good away.

Keep Bragging to a Minimum

When you’re gathered around the campsite and trying to interact with other travelers it can be easy to get caught up in small talk about your RV. Be mindful of the details you share, especially about any electronics, gadgets, or valuables you may have with you. Though you’re just trying to be friendly, this could quickly tempt a stranger to want what you have.

Just as it is important to safeguard your home before traveling, it is imperative to make sure that your recreational vehicle is safe. You don’t want the convenience of having a home on wheels to quickly be erased or interrupted by a burglary. The only way to make sure that you’re safe is to make RV security a top priority. The above-mentioned tips are a great place to tart.

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