The Ultimate Guide To Why Torremolinos Is The Best Spanish Holiday Destination

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It can be difficult to choose from the many beach resorts that are on offer in Spain, as they all have such excellent reputations. However, if you are planning a trip shortly, you should definitely consider the Torremolinos for your break. To find out why to read on.


Torremolinos is known for being a friendly place. This hospitality is extended to the tourists by the locals in part because they realize the symbiotic existence that they both have. The locals income is, on the whole, provided by the influx of Spanish and international travelers. So you can expect them to be welcoming, despite you being on their home turf.

The atmosphere in Torremolinos is also improved by the fact that it is a very close to Malaga. This means that it is incredibly easy for people from all over Spain to get to this location. So you can expect a truly cosmopolitan atmosphere when you arrive.

Food and Drink

Another benefit if holidaying in Torremolinos is that it is well set up for the tourist trade. This includes a copious selection of wonderful restaurants that make full use of all the delicious seafood on offer in the harbor town.

Of course, no holiday would be complete without samples a little of the local tipple now and again. So don’t forget to treat yourself to the goods beer or occasional Sangria. You will also find that in general, red wine of Spanish origin is pretty reasonable to buy here, so it’s worth stocking up with some to take home.


Now the biggest pull of Torremolinos are the beaches there. There is one main beach that most people flock to. This is La Carihuela Beach. It is perfect if you are looking to sunbathe or take a dip in the ocean. Be warned though, the sea isn’t always warm as it depends on the tidal flow and the winds. So your dip in the ocean might be a pretty refreshing one!


Another aspect of Torremolinos that makes it such a popular location for holidays is how many quality hotels there are for visitors. Many are larger establishments set up primarily for the summer trade. Which means you almost always get the benefit of a balcony and us to f the communal swimming pool. This is perfect if you want to cool off but don’t want the hassle or heading to the beach.

The hotels, beaches, bars and restaurants are all well positioned and close together, though. So it makes it easy and convenient to head into town for a meal in the evening. Or pop back up your room to top up your sunscreen if you can feel your skin getting a little crispy.


Of course lastly, but definitely not least, all the points mentioned above would be for naught, if the weather in this area was no good. The mid-30s in the summer is not uncommon for locations this South. So there are plenty of chances to sunbathe or get out and about accordingly.

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