Tuesday, September 29, 2020


The stretch of dual carriageway (M54) between Telford and Shrewsbury has one unmissable sight, and that of course, is The Wrekin. After driving this route many times, I thought it was deserving of a look.

Getting there.

Finding the Wrekin isn’t hard; however, you’ll need some basic understandings of the road network to reach the car-park. If you are travelling by car, use a sat-nav, it’s the obvious solution.


Easy to access and find, there is curb parking and an actual car-park, both are situated next to the walk. It is also free. Expect weekends and bank-holidays to be busier, pick your timing if you want a peaceful walk.

The Walk.

As you enter the walk, you’ll quickly notice that the path steeply climbs in many parts, and the occasional flat point will deliver the perfect moment to pause, unless you are in athlete mode. The path is wide with drops on either side, heavily covered with tall trees, it is perfect for those wanting a shady summer’s walk on an incline. As you approach the middle of the walk, you’ll come across Halfway House, the perfect pit-stop point for refreshments. The walk then continues to the top, with a final steep climb. Once on the top you will be able to see fantastic views, great photo taking points on a clear day. After you are finished exploring the top, you’ll find the walk back down somewhat easier. There are even shortcuts that would be too steep to walk up, but are possible to walk down, be careful if you try these options on the way down.


If you are in the area, The Wrekin is an easy place to stop off at. The walk will test out your fitness in areas, due to the inclines; the views will be worth it once you reach the summit.

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