What Makes Travel Stressful?

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Going on a vacation is supposed to be a relaxing time. You get to break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, take time off work, and forget about those early morning commutes.

While most people love traveling and exploring new places, others can have the opposite experience. Travel can sometimes be stressful for these reasons:

Not Planning for Rest and Relaxation

With so many amazing sights to see in a new location, loading up your travel itinerary can be tempting. However, a full schedule doesn’t allow for much-needed rest and relaxation.

Consider planning something relaxing every day, like staying in an Arizona wellness retreat to enjoy yoga, spa treatments, and other practices to refresh your mind, body, and soul. Even allocating time to sleep in, ordering room service, and reading books for hours on end may help reduce travel stress related to a stretched schedule.

Language Barriers

Immersing yourself in a new culture can be exciting, but any vacation disaster can be so much more overwhelming when you don’t speak the language. Language barriers certainly contribute to the stress of a vacation.

Fortunately, there are ways you can combat this issue. Learn basic words, sentences, and questions before you leave, such as:

  • Hello and goodbye
  • Please and thank you
  • ‘Where is the restroom?’

Knowing a few words in the primary language of the country you’ll be visiting may make navigating it much easier. However, you can also download translation apps onto your mobile devices.

Not Allowing Enough Time Between Activities

Many people plan their itineraries to get the most out of their vacation. There’s nothing wrong with having a full list of activities when visiting exotic places, but consider spacing booked activities out.

The more time you have between various tours and booked activities, the less stressed you may be about being late due to travel delays or unexpected waits.

Being Away from Home

Some people love exploring the world and being away from home for weeks or even months at a time. However, others can experience homesickness and feel overwhelmed by being in an unfamiliar environment away from their support network. As a result, travel becomes more stressful than fun.

You may never be able to avoid feeling homesick. However, keeping busy, calling home, and packing comfort items like a special blanket may help you feel more connected.

Encountering Unexpected Situations

You can spend so much time planning your itinerary, booking your accommodation, and ensuring all flight times align that you expect your vacation to go off without a hitch. However, there’s always a chance that one minor change in your itinerary can create some altogether unexpected situations.

Changes in your schedule can be frustrating and stressful, especially when they involve your time, money, and health. Alongside creating a more flexible itinerary, you might also explore travel and health insurance to ensure financial protection in the country you’re visiting.

Travel is supposed to be exhilarating and rewarding. However, that’s not everyone’s experience. By being aware of what will likely cause you stress, you may be better positioned to prepare for it and enjoy your vacation in earnest.

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