Where is Stonehenge? An introduction to visiting Stonehenge

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Nothing oozes more mystery than Stonehenge which is perhaps why it’s worthy of its own special dedication.  Almost everyone around the world is familiar with Stonehenge yet nobody knows of its true history.  One of the world’s greatest world heritage sites, Stonehenge is visited by millions of tourists every year trying to get a glimpse of the mystifying ancient structure that has baffled archeologists and historians for years.

In the picturesque countryside of Salisbury lies the ancient circle of stones that we know as Stonehenge.  No other ancient formation has ever stirred such controversy as Stonehenge does, which is perhaps the reason behind its popularity, not to mention the imposing stones looming down on the grasslands creates such a magical illusion of wonder and awe the sight is truly magnificent.

History of Stonehenge

Estimated to be at 3100BC Stonehenge is one of the oldest preserved sites known to man in Europe.  Mystery surrounds the strategic placing of the rare bluestone from Wales and for years the unknown has been debated.  Unlike other European ancient sites such as the Parthenon in Athens nobody knows why and how Stonehenge was built adding to its enigma.  The questions most commonly asked, “Who built Stonehenge?  Why did they build it?  And how?”  The most popular school of thought is that it was used as a human sacrifice to astronomy and the lunar and solar Gods – but who knows, visit it and speculate for yourself.

Visiting Stonehenge

When visiting Stonehenge you’ll be able to take in the rich countryside that surrounds it.  It lies virtually in the middle of nowhere and is the perfect destination if you want to explore and discover ancient life and history.  Getting there is easy with Stonehenge day tours leaving regularly from all major hubs or if you wish to take a steady drive through the splendid rolling hills there is ample space to park your car.

Other Attractions Nearby

If you find that you still haven’t had your fill of prehistoric history travel down the road for 25 miles and you will find another impressive site – Avebury, which is by far one of the more notable ancient structures that remain fully intact.  A lone towering stone structure that sits quietly amongst the sheep this is yet another masterpiece that has roused curiosity.  Thought to be a monument that represents the human life cycle of birth, life and death of the Neolithic times, Avebury has more human meaning.  Unlike Stonehenge you’ll be able to get up close and personal to this imposing tower.  There are no set visiting times for Avebury as it stands alone in a farmer’s field, visit it day or night, whatever you prefer, but one thing for sure is you too will be left wondering.  Thought to have strong spiritual powers even to this day, many of the local villagers claim that spirits meander through the hills and dance around the shrine.

If it is mystery teamed with history that you want there is no better place than to visit Salisbury’s villages to try to uncover the secrets of Stonehenge and Avebury for yourself.  There’s no need to travel abroad to get a taste of ancient life, the UK would appear to have it all.

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