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Your Ultimate Guide To New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful and culturally rich nations on our planet. Tucked away to the south of Australia, New Zealand boasts incredible coastline and beautiful countryside. The Maori people are thought to be the first settlers of the two islands that make up the country of New Zealand. The British later arrived to colonise the islands. The Treaty of Waitangi was signed in 1840 by the two peoples as an agreement of the cultures.

The Maori people arrived in canoes all the way from Hawaiki about one thousand years ago. Their tenacity and braveness are still evident in their culture. New Zealand has come under British law since 1840. The cultural diversity in New Zealand is what makes this place such a popular holiday destination. The Haka Maori War Dance is a must-see attraction. It has made International Rugby quite spectacular when New Zealand play.


All Blacks Haka image courtesy of Jo Caird at

To see many of the cultural sights of New Zealand, you can take a tour or look into getting a car rental to explore yourself. The two islands are quite separate in personality. It is advisable to visit both to appreciate fully all that this little nation offers. You may wish to hire a mountain bike to explore some of the most interesting terrains on the islands. This is a popular pastime in New Zealand, with many visitors choosing to hire cars and bikes to visit the best tracks.

For a less active sport, choose golf while you are in New Zealand. The landscapes here lend themselves to some of the best courses in the world. The climate also makes the sport very enjoyable. You can enjoy the hottest weather in the far north, but much cooler winter weather in the far south. This is because the islands are situated in the southern hemisphere. Winter is in July.

Driving in New Zealand is a little like driving in the UK, and many of the laws and rules of the road are similar. However, speed limits are measured in kilometers per hour. Drive on the left, and adjust your speed for difficult terrain or weather conditions. The New Zealand government welcomes foreign drivers. There are plenty of websites where you can check your knowledge of the roads.

Australians or those with an Australian passport do not need a visa for New Zealand. British passport holders can stay for six months without a visa. Visitors from most other countries would require an application for a three-month visa. You can apply to work or study in New Zealand too. Because of the proximity to Australia, visiting this country is ideal as part of a wider holiday or travel venture.

New Zealand is a beautiful place to visit either as a holidaymaker or as a traveller. Wellington is the capital city on the northern island. Christchurch on the southern island is also a vibrant and exciting city to visit. Other cities to visit include Auckland in the North and Queenstown in the South. One of the best ways to travel the country is by private car rental. Make New Zealand your destination of choice in 2015.



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