10 Paw-Fect Tips for Dog Friendly Holiday Homes

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Dogs are a man’s best friend, and if your potential guests are heading on holiday within the UK, they will probably want to take their furry friends with them. Dog-friendly staycations that are offered from companies like Cherished Holiday Homes are soaring in popularity no matter how many people are going on vacation! Their pets are a part of their life, and guests don’t want to leave them behind while they go and enjoy themselves, so they’ll want them to come along too! 

This article looks at some of the benefits of making your holiday home as dog friendly as possible! 

Think About Your Location 

If your holiday home is in a suitable area for those who have pets, you will be opening yourself up to an increased number of bookings. Ideally, you want to be somewhere where there is space for the dog to run around and play, so woodland areas or spaces where there are large open areas are good. 

You Can Charge A Premium  

Now that you’ve increased your market share into the dog-friendly market, you will find that people are willing to pay a premium for pet-friendly accommodation. Pet owners know that an increased price on the holiday home rental is going to cost them less than the kennels for the duration of the holiday. 

Benefit from Out of Season Bookings  

There are many areas in the UK that are busier during the off-peak season. This includes places such as beaches, and these areas prohibit animals during the busy summer periods from April to September. This allows for dog owners to enjoy a holiday in the winter months, meaning that you will have more bookings all year round.  

Preparing Your Dog Friendly Marketing  

When marketing your holiday home, you need to make it appealing to the dog owner. Guests are looking for something that is suitable for them and their family, dogs included, so you need to make sure that it is clear you allow dogs right from the beginning. You might even want to include photos that you can really get the message across to potential customers. 

Manage Your Guest Expectations  

Your guests need to understand what you do and don’t accept along with the facilities that are available for their dogs. The expectations that your guests have are important, which is why you need to clearly communicate any rules and issues that may arise. 

Provide the potential guests with information such as where the dog can run and play, as well as where the local parks are and other things, they can all do together. This can make or break a decision on whether they want to stay with you. This information has got to be the forefront of all your adverts and marketing materials as well as in their welcome pack! 

Decide How Many Dogs Can Stay  

There’s nothing more inconvenient than not enough space, so make it clear what size dogs you allow and how many. This will all depend on the size of your property and outdoor space. Remember overcrowding can spoil the holiday, so it’s important to allow your guests to make this consideration, which means it needs to be clearly stated.  

Think! Are There Any Dangers  

If there are any areas where the dog could come to harm, then you need to provide guests with this information. Specify all the dangers that you can think of and take all the necessary precautions such as stair gates to ensure that it is as safe as possible.  

Add Dog-Friendly Touches  

Now it’s time to appeal to the dog lovers themselves, consider having some little dog-friendly touches. Fit hooks where dog leads can be hung up or even nice dog pictures or cushions. Dog-themed items are a great way to win over an owner’s heart!  

Consider the Pitfalls  

Your holiday home will still appeal to guests without pets. Some guests may have allergies that would prevent them from staying in pet-friendly accommodation. 

If you’re going to be promoting your accommodation as dog-friendly, you’ll need to commit to this. This will include providing adequate facilities such as dog mats and bedding along with considering appropriate flooring for those unfortunate accidents. 

If pets are staying in your property during winter and wetter months, the costs and time of cleaning can significantly increase. Remember to consider whether your neighbours might make complaints about noise if there is constant barking.  

Stick to the Rules 

If the holiday home that you own is on a park, you need to stick to the park rules. Make sure that you know what these rules are and that your home insurance does not exclude damage by pets. 

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