Travel Tips: Tips For Traveling With A Dog Abroad

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Dogs are incredibly faithful and worthwhile companions. If you’re a dog owner, then you’ll know the value of these furry friends; they keep you company through the best and the worst of times, and they’ll be good to you as long as you’re good to them. One of the trickiest situations involving dogs is what to do when you’re traveling. Should you take your dog with you? What’s the etiquette? Well, don’t worry – we’re here to help. We’ve got tips for traveling with an old dog, as well as air travel help for dog owners and more. Here are some of our best travel tips for traveling with a dog abroad.


Check with your airline first

One of our most important dog airline travel tips is to check with the airline you’re flying on first. Some airlines don’t allow pets to fly at all, while others have more laissez-faire rules about pets. Many airlines will let dogs fly in the cabin with you if they’re below a certain size; larger dogs may have to fly in the hold, which could be distressing for your pooch depending on their temperament. Make sure to read the rules for your particular airline thoroughly, as you don’t want to be on the wrong side of those rules when you’re flying.


Consider your dog’s wellbeing

If you’re looking for tips for traveling with an old dog, here’s an important one: make sure you know your dog is ready to travel. Giving out tips for air travel with dogs is all well and good, but if your dog isn’t well enough to be on a plane, then it doesn’t matter what measures you put in place; traveling with that dog is simply the wrong thing to do. Conduct a thorough health check with your dog before you embark on your journey. Book the dog in with the vet and make sure to get them to examine your dog for any reason they might not be able to travel with you.


Pick a pet-friendly place to stay

Wherever you’re going, it’s important to make sure that it supports pets. This is one of our most important tips for traveling alone with a dog as well; if you don’t have any traveling companions, your journey can be a little lonely, so the last thing you want is to stay somewhere that doesn’t allow you to keep your faithful dog with you. Contact your intended hotel ahead of time and ask them if they’re able to provide accommodation for your dog as well. Hopefully, they’ll let your hound stay in the same room as you, so you won’t need to say goodbye for any extended period of time.


Pack for your dog

There’s nothing worse than forgetting to pack something that’s essential for your dog when you’re about to travel. These tips for air travel with dogs are dependent on the fact that you’ve already packed everything your dog is going to need; that means food, toys, sleeping arrangements, and anything else your dog considers part of their daily routine. Upsetting your dog by not giving them access to creature comforts could cause serious issues down the line. When it comes to tips for traveling alone with a dog, you want to make sure you’re keeping your dog as happy as possible, after all!


Keep your restroom breaks regular

This is another of our crucial tips for traveling with an old dog, but it can also apply to younger dogs if they have incontinence problems or just regular “movements”, as it were. Make sure that when you do travel with your dog, you’re taking regular restroom breaks as and when your dog needs them. Other passengers on the plane absolutely do not need to be subjected to your dog’s odours, so it’s important to take your dog with you to the restroom if this is at all possible. If not, ask your airline what their policy is with regards to doggy restroom breaks.


Get vaccinations if eligible

Just like humans, there are vaccinations available for animals as well, and it’s critical to make sure you get whatever vaccinations your dog is eligible for or entitled to. This is one of the most important tips for air travel with dogs because it could mean that your dog gets ill while abroad, which could cause serious emotional distress for both of you (not to mention costly vet bills if applicable). Enquire with your vet as to what vaccinations your dog needs if you’re going to travel, because more of them might be mandatory than you think!


Get your dog’s health records

Once your dog has had all of the necessary shots and has a clean bill of health, ask your vet if they can provide a doggy health record for you. This is because you’ll need these documents when you travel with your dog. Authorities in many countries will ask you to prove that your dog is healthy; after all, some diseases aren’t endemic in some countries, which means that authorities may prevent you from entering with your dog if your little friend doesn’t have a health record. Keep this document with you and make copies of it so you know you’ll be prepared.

We hope these doggy travel tips have been helpful! Don’t assume that you can’t travel with your dog; many airlines, hotels, and venues are actually quite dog-friendly if you ask first. Just make sure you’re prepared ahead of time and there’s no reason you can’t enjoy a wonderful trip with your faithful friend!

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