4 Destinations Every Golfing Fanatic Dreams Of Visiting

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If you love nothing more than heading down to your local green on a Sunday and sinking a few balls, then I think it’s about time you started looking at golfing destinations for this year’s annual summer holiday. Those of you who’ve never really looked at international courses before are in for a real treat, as the four destinations I’m going to discuss throughout the rest of this article are renowned for being home to some of the most luxurious and challenging greens ever created. Indeed, even some of golf’s most famous players are regularly seen frequenting these resorts when their tournaments have come to an end.


There are many benefits to booking a golfing holiday, most of which are pretty obvious to anyone with an interest in the sport. Firstly, it’s going to be incredibly relaxing for all involved. Secondly, these courses are built in some of the world’s best climates, so the weather is almost guaranteed to be perfect. And lastly, going on a golfing holiday means you’ll spend time around lots of other people who love the sport just as much as you, which means you might make a few new friends along the way. So, if this sounds appealing and you’d like to know a bit more, read on…

1 – Aphrodite Hills Golf Club

This golf club has it’s own 18 hole course with beautiful surroundings located in mediterranean Cyprus. Here you’ll be able to enjoy as many rounds as you can manage whilst taking in some amazing views and relaxing in the stunning Cypriot climate. The course itself is located on a clifftop, and provides lovely views of the villages situated at the bottom. Seriously not to be missed.

2 – Verdura Golf Spa & Resort

Although there are a number of alluring courses and resorts throughout Italy, this 5 star addition has been incredibly popular since it first opened only a few short years ago. Situated right on the coast, you’ll be forgiven for losing a few balls in the ocean from time to time, but with your own private terrace overlooking a world class restaurant, you’re unlikely to care. Just make sure you take your new Taylormade SLDR Fairway Wood along for the ride because this course is very popular with professionals, and you wouldn’t want them to make you look bad.

3 – Tikida Golf Palace

For anyone who’d like to give north Africa a try, booking a room at the Tikida Golf Palace could be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Situated right next to the Sahara desert, as you can imagine, the weather is nearly always incredible. This is actually one of the cheapest resorts on my list today, and a real bargain for anyone who’d like to sample to delights of Agadir in Morocco.

4 – The Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain

It would be silly for anyone to write a golfing travel article like this without highlighting one of the most stunning courses in America, so here it is. The Ritz-Carlton at Dove Mountain in Arizona has been incredibly popular with international sporting enthusiasts for the last ten years, and thanks to a recent expansion, there’s now even more room for keep individuals like yourself to enjoy the course. Well worth a look if you ask me.

Well guys, that’s all I’ve got time for this afternoon, but you should now have a good idea about which course and resort would be most suitable for your summer vacations this year. I sincerely hope you have a truly memorable time.

Enjoy the break!

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