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4 Places You Must See In Portugal

Holidays in Portugal offer plenty of diversity for every member of the family to enjoy. Sightseeing, sunbathing, wine tasting and loads more fun activities await you when you arrive! You can explore the tourist side of Portugal or maybe the “unspoiled”, traditional side of the country. Whichever route you choose the views are to die for! Here’s 4 places that are considered a must see in Portugal:


If you’re after traditional Portugal then look no further than Lisbon. This place is the traditional center of city life in Portugal and also still had some of the country’s most traditional shopping areas in place. Down town is referred to as the Baixa, and you can find plenty of souvenirs to take home opposite down town Rua Augusta, gold jewellery, silver jewellery, and even clothes stores.

Interestingly, the Baixa has plenty of history as it was ruined by an earthquake in the year 1755, but was later rebuilt by the prime minister of Lisbon. Also, if you’re a fan of roasted chestnuts, you must try them here. The smell of the chestnuts fills the air, they taste mouth wateringly good, and they have been served for years and years!


When people think of the Algarve, images of sea, sun sand and probably sangria get conjured up. The Algarve is world famous for it’s great beaches, pretty little villages and even some famous golf courses for those who like to play!

The Algarves capital is Faro, and amazingly it has stayed virtually the same after many, many years. If you want to visit the Algarves capital you can easily get low cost Faro shuttles. There’s also Lagos and Sagres which are located on the east end for anyone wanting a bit of culture in their break away.

One thing that keeps holidaymakers returning is the fact that the sun is pretty much always shining here. On average, the place will experience 3000 hours of sunlight per year – that’s a lot of tanning opportunities!


Sintra has a palace named the “Palacio da Pena”, and it’s a great example of 19th century Romantic Revivalism. It is located on top of the Monte de Pena, and was actually constructed on the same site as an ancient monastery. The palace is a piece of history not to missed, as is the beautiful woodland area surrounding it!


This city is the place that Portugal derived it’s name, and also the city that created the alcoholic drink, port. You won’t be short of history and culture if you visit Porto, as the historic centre was declared a UNESCO World Heritage in 1996.

For the most beautiful views here, take some time to go and see The Cais da Ribeira riverfront. You’ll see some historic narrow alleyways and streets with very old, traditional buildings. If you’re on holiday with your partner, you should definitely give the area a visit. Once the sun goes down the place has a very romantic feel to it, and you have the chance to visit numerous bars and restaurants, not forgetting a nice romantic walk along the Douro.

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