5 Things To Watch Out For On Holiday

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Going on holiday abroad can be great fun and exciting, no matter what age you are or where you are going. The excitement can start from the moment it is booked, to the counting down of the days, to the packing and then the flight.

We may think that when we get there and settled into our rooms, that we can go out, do whatever we want and have fun without a care in the world; however this can sometimes not be the case, and so here we look at 5 things you need to think about and watch out for when you go on holiday.

1. Hospitals and Medical Facilities

It is very important to know where these things are just in case there are any accidents; this can be especially true when you have young children. They are prone to trips and falls and bumps that it can be necessary for you to make use of them; of course for minor things, make sure you have a first aid kit with you. The hospital or medical facility can help with minor injuries, and even stomach upsets to more serious injuries like broken bones, asthma attacks and allergic reactions.

2. Local Laws and Regulations

Being in a different country they may have different laws to what we know in the UK; so make sure that you know how to behave and what to do in certain situations. For example in America you would not get out of the car when stopped by police, as you may just find yourself flat on the ground. Other countries have laws regarding alcohol and the way in which people can interact with other, for example the holding of hands or kissing. When you break the law, it is not just good enough to say you didn’t know the rules.

Check out this article on ListVerse about the most absurd laws from around the world.

3. Scams and Time Shares

The biggest thing when going abroad is that you can be duped in paying out money for things you are never likely to get. Many of us have been stopped by people asking to come and view a property or go to a meeting, all in an attempt to sell you a part share of a home.

4. Pick Pockets

It is very essential to be aware of any people that may be loitering around you; have they seen some money or a wallet sticking out of back pocket that they could get, or have you left it on the beach while you take a dip in the sea? There are many different items that you can now buy to make sure that your money cannot be accessed by anyone. Travel wallets can be hidden under shirts, and there is even some that can go into swimming shorts that are waterproof. You need to ensure that your money and your personal travel documents are always kept safe.

5. Insects

In some countries there are insects and pests that can be a real problem; one of the major issues is that they can carry disease and cause allergic reactions. By ensuring you and your family have had any inoculations before you go is important as well as taking some anti bug lotions with you too. It may be useful to take portable pest controllers to minimize insects and pests in your hotel or villa.

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