8 Reasons Why You Should Visit USA

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Let’s face it, the United States is a pretty unique place, in truth, there’s not really any other nation that’s comparable to it.   Not only does the nation span a number of separate territories (states), each with its own unique idiosyncrasies, it also encapsulates a number of climate zones.  In other words, you can pretty much have whatever kind of holiday you want with a visit to the US, whether it be exploring near-tropical warm beaches or hunkering down in snow-clad regions and hitting the ski slopes (and everything in between).  At the same time, there’s also plenty of great shopping and city events to check out, no matter where you are.  Anyway, here are 8 specific reasons why you should visit the USA…

A great place for scenic driving

highway usa
Assuming that you’re the kind of person who likes to motor about, the USA is an awesome destination.  Aside from the fact that it’ a rather large nation, each highway carries with it lots to see and do if you’re in the mood for a more rustic and nature-filled experience.

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon really isn’t one of those things that can be easily described in words, if at all.  Sure, it’s a gigantic “hole in the ground” from one perspective, but actually seeing it in person is a whole different affair.  You really get a much bigger sense of time and scale when you gaze upon its rocky outcropped cliffs, trying to spot the fairly large river below which cut out the canyons you see before you.  Plus, you can drop by Roswell, NM on the way there and take in some lore, assuming you’re into that sort of thing…

New England, including Maine

Pemaquid Lighthouse and Cliffs; Maine, USA
It’s not secret that the northeastern areas of the US, Main being the most extreme example, are well-known for their environments, style, attractions and cuisine.  This is especially true during the summer, when many of these absolutely picturesque towns come alive and open up to tourists.  …Even better, many modern day travelers seem to overlook this area (meaning you won’t be bothered by loads of pushy strangers).

Actual US cuisine (not fast food)

Peanut butter sandwich
If you only listened to the international mainstream media then you’d get the distinct impression that all US food is basically just processed goop and served at fast food restaurants.  The truth is, US cuisine is widely varied and certainly tasty no matter how you cut it.  There’s southern dishes which fill you up and seem to comfort your taste buds like nothing else can, great seafood dining along the eastern coastlines, and much, much more.  One could spend a lifetime investigating all the myriad US dishes and still not cover everything.

The Pacific Nothwest

The Pacific Nothwest
The areas of the Pacific Northwest are renowned for their staggering beauty and social atmosphere.  Specifically speaking, Seattle and Portland remain bastions for a certain crowd.  It’s sort of hard to quantify exactly what makes this region so appealing, but it’s pretty easy to figure out once you pay a personal visit yourself.  If smart and laid back atmosphere amidst plenty of amazing opportunities to explore nature is what you’re after, you can’t go wrong with the Pacific Northwestern US.

Denver and its surrounding areas

Denver and its surrounding areas
Among many of the cities that many consider to be the most desirable to live and play in, Denver certainly ranks highly on most lists.  It is a fairly liberal place too, with a vibrant culture all its own.  Oh, and let’s not forget to mention that there are oodles of excellent skiing opportunities too.  Additionally, if you’re going to be visiting Colorado you’ll probably want to check out Aspen as well.

Florida and its many attractions

Many might not realize that there’s much more to Florida than Orlando and Miami.  Sure, you can definitely get the full-on Disney experience if you want it, but there’s also something to be said for seeking out little-known and not often traveled beaches along Florida’s coastlines.  In fact, you can even find some that aren’t overly populated, which is amazing.  At the same time, Florida is in and of itself a very diverse place with all sorts of people and towns spanning from the down-home to the super sophisticated.


California usa
Last, but not least, we come to California, home of Hollywood, LA and various other large metropolitan areas and plenty of other natural areas to check out.  One could spend decades exploring what this state has to offer and not really ever touch upon everything.  Whatever you’re looking for in the way of civilization, you’ll find it there, but also places of such wonder such as the Redwood National State Park, which features those enigmatic and gigantic 500+ year old trees.  Of course, that’s really just the tip of the iceberg, as they say…

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