Amsterdam: Feed Your Wild Side

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Amsterdam is known for many things. Sex, drugs, and erotic museums are a few that spring to mind. You can’t help but be intrigued as to what the lure of Amsterdam truly is. There is so much excitement and such a buzz surrounding Amsterdam, mainly because it’s like no other place on earth. From the bright, famous red lights to the dark and mysterious bars that lure tourists inside until the early hours, people are obsessed with Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is so much more than the weird and wacky. It’s the beauty, the art, the history, and the unique culture. Are you thinking of spending a few days in Amsterdam? Here’s how you can feed your wild side.


Feed Your Wild Side

Everyone has a wild side, and Amsterdam is the perfect place for that. There’s so much to see and do that will either give you a thrill or make you realise that your wild side is not that wild at all, that it helps to have a guide. Here are three things you can do to feed your wild side while in Amsterdam:

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Europe’s Highest Swing

Heights are not for everyone, but they’re one way of getting a thrill. Amsterdam is home to the A’dam Lookout, a 360º lookout that sits on top of a 20 story building located in Overhoeks. It’s not too far from the centre of Amsterdam. The view is breathtaking, especially on a clear sunny day. 

Sitting on top of the 20 story building is also Europe’s highest swing. Strap yourself in tight because you’ll be thrown off the edge of the building and into the sky. Food and drinks await you when you’re done if you ever make it back down to earth. The bar has an excellent selection of delicious food and drink, but it is a bit pricey.  


Red Light District

It would be weird if you went to Amsterdam and didn’t take a trip to the Red Light District. You’ll find that it’s hard to avoid. The lure of the red lights at night pulls people in. The Red Light District is still very much taboo, but it is important to understand that it is part of the culture of Amsterdam. It is literally one of the selling points.

It would be a shame to miss out on the experience because the Red Light District embodies what Amsterdam is about. Freedom to be open, expressive, and limitless. There are few rules in Amsterdam, but one of them is not to take pictures when in the Red Light District.


The Amsterdam Dungeon

People jumping in your face with chainsaws and realistic severed limbs is bound to make you scream. The Amsterdam Dungeons is located near the Rokin Metro station, making it easily accessible. There’s the option to either buy the tickets at the door on the day, or you may be able to find tickets at a discounted rate online. The staff put their all into getting a scream from every single person. 

Prepare to jump out your skin at least once!


Bungee Amsterdam

Bungee Amsterdam isn’t exactly one of the main tourist spots, but it is a hit with people whose wild side itches for something that will take its breath away. Amsterdam’s canal ring has a beautiful view from the top of the restored crane as well. The phenomenal view lasts for a few seconds before leaping towards the crisp canal water below. 

To find it, take a quick canal boat to the NDSM Wharf, an old shipyard that has been transformed into a vibrant haven for artists and creative people alike.


Feed Your Appetite

Amsterdam is a foodies utopia. Think churros coated in silky, divine milk chocolate, or mac & cheese that’s so cheesy it oozes down from your fork. There are Michelin star restaurants that serve delicacies that combine taste and art, and there are curbside food stalls selling pizza slices big enough to feed a family of four. 

Here are four of the top food spots in Amsterdam that will please any appetite:

  • Cafe Sonnevald
  • The Chicken Bar
  • Brasserie Ambassade
  • The Bulldog Palace


Top 3 Must-See Attractions (No Thrills)

Thrills, whatever you would classify as a thrill, is just a fraction of what Amsterdam has to offer. People travel to Amsterdam to experience the divine culture, intricate art, and rich history. Below are 3 of the must-see attractions if you want to experience the true Amsterdam:


Ann Frank Museum

Arguably one of the most visited tourist attractions in Amsterdam. The Ann Frank Museum paints a picture of what it would have been like for the wartime Jewish diarist. Tickets can be purchased online or at stands dotted around central Amsterdam. It’s well worth a visit if you love history.


The Van Gogh Museum 

Van Gough was a Dutch painter who probably didn’t think people would flock to a museum full of his art hundreds of years after they were produced. The museum not only shows his magnificent work, but it paints a picture of what Van Gough’s life was like and how he became an artist.

Cycle Tours

Cycle tours are not an attraction, but they are one of the main attractions of Amsterdam. Tourists love to hop on a bike and explore the city. It’s really easy to rent a bike for the day; there are stands dotted all around. Cycle tours are easy to find, or you could take the day to explore on your bike and see what you find.

Amsterdam is beautiful, charming, weird and wonderful. It’s the perfect city break location for those who want to express their wild side.

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