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Business Travel Tips – Your Guide to Travelling Abroad

Many people visit a country to relax, however, a business trip isn’t quite the same – Whilst it’s true that you might have the ability to enjoy the local culture of the country you’re visiting, the realisation that you’re on a business trip is probably all too true.

Whilst we now live in an age when a conference can be achieved over an internet connection, it’s still important to meet those who you are about to strike a big deal with. This, of course, is important for corporations trading on an international scale with large budgets.

Business trip
However, a business trip can be more than just a stressful event, in fact, it can be a sponsored holiday, that’s if you follow these tips.

Take a foreign plug converter

Imagine visiting a country armed with your laptop and smartphone – two key business tools, yet you don’t have the correct chagrining equipment. Having a flat battery isn’t going to impress the boss. Having the correct plug converter will ensure all you tech business gadgets are country compatible, any more importantly, charged to the max. Funnily, this is a rookie mistake.

Book a hotel with Wi-Fi

In this day and age having an internet connection is more than just a communication tool, it’s important for business too. Having access to internet might be easily obtained the country you conduct business, but is it in the country you’re departing to? This is a must-have consideration when booking your hotel.

Check out the local transportation options

It’s fair to say that you will want easy access to meetings, so don’t forget to check out the local trains, taxis and rent-a-cars. Don’t forget to check out the best walking routes. Take a satnav.

Prepare for the job at hand

This isn’t a holiday, so ensure you are well prepared for what is required, you want to impress.

Understand the laws of the country you’re visiting

Understanding the laws of the country you’re visiting can be an essential weapon against ending up in jail. Some countries have laws that you wouldn’t otherwise think exist.

Ensure you have enough funds

What’s the local price of food, what if you need to stay longer than thought? Make sure you have the funds available to live within the country you’re visiting. Imagine the realisations that there isn’t an ATM within 20 miles of your location – what then? Make sure your credit card is accepted within the country you’re

Medical cover

Depending on the country you’re visiting, it’s worth checking out what diseases might be present. Consider the worst case scenario. Importantly, does your company provide health coverage for the country you’re visiting?

Take medication

It might sound silly, but for those who suffer from headaches or anything similar, it’s important to have these at the ready. Why? Because you don’t want to go on a huge hunt to find a bunch of headache tablets – something easily preventable – a useful tip.

Stay in contact with family and friends

Traveling to the unknown can be stressful and unpredicted. Keeping in contact with your family and friends is important – if anything was to happen, then the lack of response is sure to trigger suspicion from loved ones.


Keeping costs down is within the interest of most businesses, so it’s probably important that you examine the best value options – it’s sure to impress when you send them the invoice. It’s within your interest too, after all, you can impress your boss with a lower invoice.

Enjoy and Relax

Don’t forget to book a hotel with a swimming pool, after all, it’s only fair that you get a little enjoyment out of this trip, right? Jokes a side, it’s still important to have some leisure time. Don’t forget to enjoy the local culture, explore the area and make the most of your trip.

Hopefully these tips will enlighten your business trip.

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