An Easy Guide To The Land Of Ice and Fire

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Iceland is the hottest and coolest destination on the planet right now.  If ever a country’s time has come, Iceland’s, the land of ice and fire has arrived. It’s never easy choosing what to see and what to take in when travelling. This is doubly so for Iceland.  A trip to this fascinating land of contrast and ingenuity needs consideration and planning. If you do this, your trip will be rewarding and memorable.

Iceland’s diversity is at the heart of its attraction. It’s purity, and sheer unspoilt nature is another. At the heart is a country with an intriguing place in history underneath which lies a truly unique beating heart

The Northern Lights

It is not so much that Aurora Borealis is Icelandic. It is simply that witnessing this incredible phenomenon is better done from Iceland than anywhere else on Earth. To see the Northern Lights in Iceland is to witness a spectacle that is mesmerising and unforgettable. The two simply go together, perhaps due to incredible Icelandic Landscape.

The Blue Lagoon, Grindarik.

Come rain, snow or shine, how many outdoor places can open you with open arms.  Sip on strawberry champagne or if you are feeling a little healthier a super green smoothie. You’ll be amidst a black lava field, immersed in rolling clouds of steam, with the water here at a constant perfect 38 degrees. The green and blues of the waters are iridescent, and the spa options endless. Dip yourself in white silica mud and feel how amazing your skin is.  An outdoor spa was never more surreal or perfect.

Catch a sunrise at Thingvellir

If getting up early is an issue you’ll be happy to learn that sunrise can be as late as 10.30 am!  Head out on your own in a hire car to beat the tourists.  Savor the untouched loveliness of the virgin snow

Go Whale watching

Our appetite for these amazing mammals just grows and grows.  Whale watching, along with dolphin and puffins, is a three trips a day feature of life in Reykjavik.  There are 23 different species of whale and more wildlife than you can shake a stick at. Tours from traditional oak sailing ships are a popular choice.

The Mountains Landmannalaugar

And just about everything else that surrounds you here. It’s not just the colours of the mountains themselves; it is the hot springs and the lava flows. It is the pristine clear blue lakes and if hiking is your thing, some of the best trails in Iceland begin here.  

Visit the Glaciers at Jokulsarlon

No need to get a boat here though that is always an option. To get up close and personal with a glacier is a surreal experience.  If you have ever wondered what glacial ice tastes like. You can try it here!

Glimpse Gullfoss waterfall

Famous for it’s waterfalls Iceland will not disappoint. This golden waterfall is a must see on any trip. The views of the water thundering down, against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains, will take your breath away.

Reykjavik Runtour

There are some pretty odd drinking habits around but if you like to pit yourself against local tradition, you could try an unusual delicacy. Iceland’s most notorious food is fermented shark. Try it washed down with Brennivin, Iceland’s black death schnapps. Failing that you could join the locals on their weekend excursions, and cruise the bars and clubs. Iceland’s capital is one cool hot little city. If fact the whole Icelandic experience sounds amazing.  Ensure you get the most out of it by taking some time to plan this incredible trip.

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