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Everything That Cyprus Has to Offer Holidaymakers

Of all the great holiday destinations you can find in Europe, Cyprus is among the very best. Here’s why you should consider making your next trip a trip to Cyprus.

Sea Sand and Sun

Despite all the other great things that Cyprus has to offer, the thing that the country is most famous for is its weather and its beautiful beaches. This is understandable. Most of us like to spend a bit of our time (or all of it) relaxing on the beach and taking a dip in the ocean when we’re on holiday.

The golden sands you’ll find at Lara Beach on Cyprus’s north-west coast are simply a joy to relax on. It’s one of the most quiet and non-touristy beaches in the country. And this beach is even home to green turtles, so you could see them making their way to the sea if you’re lucky.

Tröodos Mountains

If you enjoy hiking and seeing the natural wonders a place has to offer, you must visit the Tröodos Mountains while you’re in Cyprus. It’s one of the most stunning mountain ranges in Southern Europe; it’s guaranteed to take your breath away. And I don’t just mean because of all the walking you’ll have to do.

Luckily for visitors, the region – which covers more than 90 square kilometers – is protected as a national park. This means the area’s wildlife and geography can’t be damaged in any way. There are even some very small and quaint villages in the region for you to explore while you’re up there.

Extreme Sports

You might not realise this, but one of the best countries for partaking in extreme sports in the sun is Cyprus. If you like a thrill when you’re on holiday, you’ve got to try tandem-paragliding that allow you to see the island from up high in the sky while you get pulled along at high speeds. It’s certainly a unique experience.

You can even take flying lessons if you visit Cyprus Fly Adventures. Learning to take control of a plane in such beautiful surroundings is the kind of experience you’ll never forget. It’s well worth a try for any thrill seekers going to the country this year. Then there are all the incredible water sports that go on off the country’s coastlines.

A Holiday for Everyone

The strongest thing that Cyprus has going for it is the variation that’s on offer. There aren’t many other places in Europe (or the world) that can have such great sporting activities and facilities and also be renowned for its relaxing beaches. There’s truly is something for everyone who visits the country.

There are even companies that offer disabled holidays in Cyprus. So, no matter what your preferences or physical limitations, you’ll find something that suits you and the people you’re travelling with. This variation clearly appeals to families who can split up and each do the things that most appeal to them.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s not too late to book a holiday to Cyprus for this year!


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