Hidden London: 5 Things You Should Do In The English Capital

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If you are visiting London this year then you might know what you’re going to see. Sure, there is the London Eye, Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament, but what else is there to do? Tourists in the English Capital usually spend their trip visiting obvious tourist attractions. If you want to have a trip with a difference then, why not experience the hidden gems that the city has to offer? As a major city in the UK, London has a great deal to offer tourists. Here is a guide to hidden London and five things you should do whilst you’re there.

  1. Visit The Secret Temple

Near to the north circular road in London, you will find a rather rare hidden gem. The city is home to plenty of different cultures and religions and here you will find a hidden temple. The Neasden Temple is a Hindu place of worship right in the capital of England. The temple is the largest of its sort outside of India and so is worth seeing whilst you are in the capital. The architecture of the building itself is astounding, and the sheer size of the structure will astonish you when you see it.

  1. Take in London’s Diversity

London is a multicultural city. Whilst in the capital you can immerse yourself in loads of different authentic cultures from around the world. In fact, the passport office in London has reported that there are up to 30 different nationalities living in the city. What that means for you as a tourist is that you can explore the diverse nature of the city whilst you’re there. Try different cuisines from around the world and enjoy learning about new cultures.

  1. Visit The Museum Of Brands

Whilst on your tour of London you may want to visit a variety of museums and art galleries. There are the famous attractions in central London, such as the Tate Modern. What about seeing something different instead? The Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising is an absolute must for anyone with an interest in design and the media. The museum is in Westbourne Grove, and so is quite easy to get to on public transport. Exhibits in the museum look at branding over the past 120 years of capitalism. You will find that it is interesting to see the evolution of advertising and might just learn a thing or two about the industry.

  1. Stay In The City On A Budget

Because the city is popular with tourists, staying in London can be expensive. Hotels tend to overprice their rooms, especially if you are staying in the center of the city. You can stay in London for just a little money if you are will to stay in a hostel. Despite what you may have heard, hostels are safe in the capital city, and they are much more reasonable in price than hotels. Many people who are travelling in England stay in hostels, which will cost you just a fraction of the price of a hotel.

  1. Shop At The Wonderful Markets

Because of the diverse nature of the city, you can find almost anything that you want on a market stall. Whilst staying in London, you should take the time to visit a couple of the city’s beautiful market places. Forget buying expensive clothing on Oxford Street, try Portobello Road Market. On the market, you can pick up some gorgeous antique pieces and maybe even find a few bargains. Don’t be afraid to haggle when you are in London. People usually overprice their items and expect tourists to talk them down to a better price.

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