How hosting a meeting at a hotel in Sydney’s CBD will create a positive impression

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Nobody would ever consider turning up to a first date wearing scruffy and dirty clothes with hair all over the place and smelling of body odour. Or trying to impress a potential partner by taking them somewhere noisy and not conducive to conversation. Well, nobody sensible anyway.

It’s the same for any business that is worth its salt trying to stage an important get-together in a noisy room with clutter in the background which can be prone to interruption. It would be madness, especially when it is possible to hire one of the best venues to host a business meeting at a hotel in Sydney CBD.

  • It might be a one-chance opportunity to seal a deal that can make or break a business, so the setting must be right. It is the perfect chance to take advantage of the special full-day delegate package. It includes morning and afternoon tea and coffee as well as a buffet lunch to allow chat while replenishing energy levels. Having free Wi-Fi and providing everyone with mints, water, plus notepads and pens guarantees a professional meeting can take place and offers the best chance of a positive outcome.
  • Some of the delegates might have had to travel to the meeting. This can sometimes be an inconvenience, and while there is nearby parking available, Central Station with all the associated amenities of a city centre is only minutes away, so those attending can let the train take the strain and arrive ready to get stuck in rather than being jaded after driving. They might drift away during their journey and dream of visiting the best food destinations in the world.
  • On arrival, they could find their gathering is in one of the several available rooms that can accommodate everything from a large AGM or launch where 250 guests are invited, right down to a room for 3 which is perfect for interviews. Some may even enjoy a meeting in a boardroom set up. Each individual space is professionally set up so it’s ideal for its purpose with whiteboards, screens, flipcharts, and projectors where required.
  • There is a restaurant in the building, meaning there’s no need to head off looking for food, as it provides flexible catering options. One of the meeting rooms, which is ideal for accommodating 30 delegates, is adjoining it. Meanwhile, those who wish to stay over after travelling large distances can do so in one of the modern guest rooms which have complimentary tea and coffee-making facilities. It might allow time to go and watch a musical at a nearby theatre.
  • Choosing to book a meeting room will immediately impress clients and employees alike and provide a positive impression while taking away all the hassle and stress of trying to host in-house in an inferior facility which can have a negative impact and is difficult to recover from.

Any business looking to present itself as being professional and respecting its customers and employees will create a great impression by booking a meeting room at a central Sydney hotel.

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