How to keep the memories of your holiday alive forever

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If you love to travel, you probably want to hold on to that holiday feeling for as long as possible when you get back home. Yet, over time, memories fade as we go back to our normal daily lives and familiar routines. So, how can we keep that magic alive even years later? Here are a few creative ideas.


Take plenty of photos

This is an obvious one, but whenever you travel, try and take lots of photos. Not just of the obvious sightseeing spots, but also of all the little moments that have a special meaning to you and the funny inside jokes you shared with those you travelled with. Anything that you can look back on years later to trigger a memory.


Create a personalized photo book

There’s no point in taking lots of photos if you don’t then do something with them. Those extra special, beautiful shots can be printed out on canvas and hung on the wall, or you could make a collage of your favorite moments. Alternatively, click here to create a personalized photo book of a specific holiday.


Buy meaningful souvenirs

What counts as a meaningful souvenir will be different for everyone, but ideally you want items that will last a long time and have a definite link to your holiday destination. Some of the best include jewelry and clothes that will remind you of your trip each time you wear them, or local artwork you can hang on your wall at home.


Keep a box of mementos

It’s not all about the flashy souvenirs. Sometimes the items that trigger the strongest memories are little mementos such as ticket stubs, event flyers, public transport cards and so on. Keep all the bits and pieces from your holiday in a box, then open it up and wait for the memories to come flooding back.


Write a travel journal

Keeping a travel journal for your trip is a great way to ensure that you don’t forget anything. This could be a traditional paper journal or a digital blog, whichever you feel most comfortable with, and is a place for you to jot down what you did, how you felt, plus interesting things you learned or saw. You could even get other people you travel with or meet during your trip to contribute.


Recreate dishes you ate

Taste and smell are both powerful ways of bringing back emotions and memories, so cooking dishes that you ate during your travels can be a great way to relive those moments. Each destination has its own unique culinary flavors, but you should be able to manage a close approximation no matter where you live – even if you have to buy some ingredients online!


Curate a destination playlist

There will always be certain songs that remind you of specific trips, whether it’s well known music that happened to be popular at that time or local tunes that you won’t hear anywhere else. Try making a Spotify playlist of all the songs that you listened to or heard during your holiday (Shazam can be a big help with this), then put it on and be transported across the world without leaving your seat.

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