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Our travel articles cover a broad range of locations, helping you to uncover some fantastic ideas on where to visit on your next holiday or vacation. From Europe to American, uncover many hidden gems and much more.

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11 Magical Places To Visit In Cornwall

Trying to find the most magical places to visit in Cornwall for your next trip?

By Lowri Thomas 8 Min Read

How To Spend 2 Days In Amsterdam

Looking for a great 2-day Amsterdam itinerary? You are in the right place- I used

By Lowri Thomas 8 Min Read

The 20 Best Christmas Holiday Destinations [2024]

There are few things more magical in this world than a Christmas holiday. While the

By James Allsopp 36 Min Read

How to Spend a Day in Stratford-upon-Avon

Stratford upon Avon is a picture postcard town in Warwickshire. Two hours north of London,

By Natalia C 10 Min Read

Are Cruise Ships Safe?

If you and your family are considering a peaceful, relaxing excursion on a cruise ship,

By ClickTravelTips 9 Min Read

The World’s Top 21 Christmas Markets Revealed

There’s nothing quite like a good old-fashioned Christmas market.  The spiced scent of mulled wine,

By ClickTravelTips 31 Min Read

What Is The National Animal Of Scotland?

Scotland is one of the world’s most beautiful and consistently underrated countries. According to TripAdvisor’s

By ClickTravelTips 7 Min Read

The Top 20 Exotic Places To Travel

When it comes to picking a holiday destination, nothing quite beats a far-flung retreat. While

By ClickTravelTips 19 Min Read

10 Best Ski Resorts In Austria

Austria is one of Europe's most iconic ski destinations. The spectacular mountain ranges of the

By ClickTravelTips 6 Min Read

The 12 Most Scenic Waterfalls In Switzerland

It’s no secret that Switzerland is one of the world’s most beautiful and scenic countries.

By ClickTravelTips 8 Min Read

The World’s 21 Largest Airports By Surface Area

Airports are fundamental to modern day travel, offering the opportunity for passengers and trade alike

By ClickTravelTips 16 Min Read

Essential Tips for Finding Property Abroad

Every journey begins with a single step, and for many intrepid souls, that step is

By ClickTravelTips 8 Min Read

How To Stay Safe While Travelling Alone

Travelling alone can be a thrilling and exhilarating experience, but it can also be pretty

By ClickTravelTips 7 Min Read

Exploring Hidden Gems In Your Own City: A Guide To Staycations

Have you ever heard the term “staycation” before? It’s what’s known as a portmanteau: a

By ClickTravelTips 7 Min Read

Discover Cannock, England: 18 Things To Do

Cannock, located in the heart of Staffordshire, England, offers a distinctive blend of cultural experiences,

By ClickTravelTips 7 Min Read

The Best Music Festivals To Attend While Travelling

The experience of attending a music festival is a unique and exciting one indeed. With

By ClickTravelTips 7 Min Read

An Unforgettable Journey: The Best Castles to Visit in Ireland

Unearth the enchanting tales of Ireland's past as you journey through its most captivating castles.

By ClickTravelTips 8 Min Read

The Best Things To Do On Hutchinson Island

If you’re visiting Florida, then you should definitely consider making Hutchinson Island part of your

By ClickTravelTips 7 Min Read

The Best Northern Cities In England To Visit

Most Brits don’t tend to consider holidaying locally when they travel. Some of the most

By ClickTravelTips 7 Min Read

The 18 Best Things To Do In Malta

Malta is one of the most beautiful countries to travel to. It’s not necessarily first

By ClickTravelTips 13 Min Read