How to Stay Occupied When on a Long Travel Journey

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If you’re setting off on a long trip, there’s usually lots of preparation to get done before you hit the road. However, one thing that people often forget is a spot of entertainment for the journey.

No matter how much you enjoy travelling, if the journey is long, you’ll inevitably get bored if you haven’t thought about how to stay occupied. Here are a few ideas to keep you busy no matter how long the journey takes.

Catch up on your favourite podcasts 

Busy lifestyles mean it can be difficult to find time for all the things you want to do, especially leisure activities. The chances are that you have a long list of podcasts that you’ve always wanted to listen to but just never had the chance.

Long journeys are the ideal opportunity to catch up with your favourite podcasts, or even discover some new ones. Downloading them in advance so you don’t have to worry about a patchy internet signal while you’re on the road is a good idea. 

Play some casino games for fun 

If you’ve always fancied your chances in a casino, you could indulge in a spot of gaming during your journey. Using a tablet, you can easily register for an account which will give you access to all kinds of casino games.

There’s roulette, blackjack, bingo, poker and much more; you’ll have plenty of time to see if Lady Luck is on your side. 

Learn a new skill 

If you’re on a long journey while alone, it can be more difficult to occupy yourself along the way. However, you can use the time productively without having to take into account the preferences of any of your passengers.

A long journey is the ideal time to learn a new skill, such as a new language. Use audio lessons to practice and perfect the phrases and by the time you arrive at your destination you could have grasped the basics of a new skill. 

Car karaoke 

Everyone enjoys a good singalong in the car and there’s nothing better than car karaoke. Turn the volume down lower and make it a competition for extra fun while you’re driving along.

Bonus points for singers that know all the words and can stay in tune for the whole song! 

Break out the Nintendo Switch 

Technology is great for breaking the boredom and there’s nothing better than the Nintendo Switch. This unit is designed to be a fully portable gaming system and contains everything you need to play.

You don’t need an internet connection as the system uses NFC; this means you can still compete with your friends who are travelling with you even if you both have different Switches. If you want to really ramp up your experience you can even hook up the Switch to your in-car video screen using a 12-volt adaptor.

There are other portable gaming systems you could take along if you don’t have a Switch such as the Nintendo 2-DS or 3-DS, or PlayStation Vita. However, the Switch has recently released and feels more like a full gaming console than the alternatives. 

Go back to basics with car games 

You might remember playing games such as I-Spy on long journeys when you were a youngster but you can have just as much fun playing them again as adults.

The great thing about car games is that you need no equipment, just your imagination and in some cases, a sharp pair of eyes.

“Yellow car” is a firm favourite with children and adults alike. The first person to spot a yellow car gets to punch a fellow passenger while shouting “yellow car” at the top of the car. Just remember it’s supposed to be fun so don’t punch too hard! 

Take photos along the route 

If you’re travelling a long way, the chances are that you’ll see some interesting sights during your journey. If you enjoy taking photos of your holiday, start off your snaps by taking pictures along the route.

If you do a spot of research online first, you’ll have an idea of what you might see and can plan your photo opportunities. Even if you’re in a plane, you can still take some pictures of the journey; a bird’s eye view could produce some incredible images that you’ll want to keep.

Enjoy some crafts 

You don’t need to cart along a whole artist’s studio to enjoy some crafts on the go. Knitting and crochet just need a pair of needles and some wool, while adult colouring books simply need some felt pens or pencils. If you’ve got an internet connection, You-Tube videos can help you along if you get stuck.

Craft is a very relaxing way to spend time, and is also very absorbing; you’ll arrive at your destination before you realise it feeling totally chilled out!

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