In The Swing of Things? Best Places for Golf in Spain

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If you are planning on going on holiday to Spain, then one thing you will probably know about if you are a golf fan is that there are some awesome golf courses out there. Imagine playing golf on a Spanish golf course with the clear blue skies and the hot sun surrounding you – sounds much better than playing golf on a soggy day in Britain, does it not?

If you fancy playing a round or two on your holidays, then take a look at this list of the best places to play golf at in Spain!

How much better are the Spanish golf courses?

There are literally hundreds of great golf courses on offer in Spain, and wherever you venture out to, you are bound to find some premium-quality, world-class golf courses near your location!

Golf aside, you will also be able to check out some historic villages, towns and cities, bask in the  beautiful sunny weather, immerse yourself in the dramatic landscapes, eat some of the finest food around, and converse with the welcoming Spanish people.

You could be playing golf on the very same golf courses that some of the best golfers in the world have played on!

Costa del Sol

Lying in the south of the Andalusia region is the Costa del Sol, which is by far one of the best places to play golf in Spain.

The city of Marbella has managed to preserve its traditional Andalusian styles yet adapt itself to meet the needs of the most exclusive and elite of visitors. Hotels and other types of accommodation facilities are situated next to golf courses together with leisure and shopping centres, as well as luxury restaurants, bars, pubs and beach clubs – all offering golf lovers a truly unforgettable experience!


Those visiting the Valencia region will have the added advantage of being able to play golf very near to the main cities of Valencia, Alicante and Castellón de la Plana.

The region has a rich heritage and history, but one thing’s for sure – you will be able to enjoy the Mediterranean way of life there. The nice mild weather enables you to play golf in this region virtually all year round without issue, the local cuisine (which incidentally is home to the paella) is superb, these are just one of the many benefits of being in Valencia.

Offering you the chance to enjoy an exciting holiday that combines culture, history, gastronomy and golf, what more could you ask for?

Costa Brava

The Costa Brava is the name that is given to the coastal area of the province off Girona, which is in Catalonia (northeastern Spain). It is fast becoming one of the most popular golf destinations, and with good reason!

Situated on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, it is bordered to the north by the Pyrenees mountain range. With some of Spain’s most breathtaking landscapes, it really is beyond compare.

Costa Brava is also the homeland of Salvador Dali. Be sure to visit the Dali Museum whilst you are in the Costa Brava!

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