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“Ah, London” Yes that was the expression by Paddington in the movie ‘Paddington’ when he first arrived in the vibrant city. Every city has its unique elements that attract tourists and this place has it all. When you visit London you can indulge in happening events and also find solitude in the quiet Regent’s Canal Walk. It is a great destination to plan special occasions in your life.

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A tour of SOHO

A vivacious vibrantly designed city with energetic streets that are buzzing all day. It is a famous hotspot for tourists as there are ample fashion centers. The streets are filled with amazing eateries and lively music at the clubs.

To begin the journey in this region you will find Savile Row which is renowned for tailoring around the world. It is one of the buzzing places as most of the celebrity fashion comes from here. A simple yet satisfying walking tour here will lead from the Mayfair and while you reach the destination you will end up seeing some impeccable artistic buildings, and one which has striking events like the unexpected concert by the famous band Beatles on the rooftop on the 30th of January in 1969. The former Apple headquarters on Saville row 3 was where the band was playing for the one last time. Well, the next place to head to will be record stores and some amazing places for food. It is clearly a distinct entertainment district. At Regent Street, you are going to experience the chic lifestyle and international brands flagship stores like Burberry, and high-end restaurants like Araki, Stem, and Sabor, the famous Kiehl’s offers a relaxing wellness experience. Apart from this, the street has a fine blend of smaller ones like Great Marlborough Street, Conduit Street, and Princes Street. Similarly for a pop-up head to a private courtyard Headen Street. You can move on to Berwick Street market where there are unlimited stores with amazing fabric, food, fashion and record shops, etc.


Getting off the train itself will give immense pleasure and a quiet stroll in the lush suburbs is extraordinary. The tourist gets a glimpse of the township and the houses inspired by the Georgian style. The whole place has an abundance of greenery, cafes, and shopping areas. Take a walk through the Clifton arcade which has boutiques and antiques along with some exciting yet healthy snack restaurants. The tourist can make it more interesting by adding historical places in the trip like the Clifton observatory. To add a splash of wellbeing and pampering to your day you can visit the ultimate spa experience at Bristol Lido.


Again a spectacular way to spend a holiday which can be described with just one word “Wow” – the scenic place lined with lush green trees in New Hampshire. Not only the tourists but it is also famous because even the locals find it extremely calming to spend their holiday here. To get there a public transport like the train from London Waterloo will give you a variety of travel experiences and it normally takes one and a half hours. To describe it perfectly it looks like a painting. An aerial view shows the dense forest with thick trees and colorful flowers. The tall trees lined up on the road make the road trip exciting and fun. It’s a picturesque place where you find lovely cattle, ponies, and pigs wandering. The purple color palette of the woods dazzles up the misty autumn mornings. It is surely a place to have a cozy log fire lunch and a romantic date night. Head to Lymington for some hearty meals, shopping, and a spa. The main attractions here are The Solent Way Walk, Lymington Sea Water Baths, Lymington Yacht Haven, etc., And move ahead to Highcliffe beach.

London is an ocean when it comes to seeing places. It is the most attractive and fascinating place to be. It is also one of the most desirable places to stay in the world with technological advancements, high-end education, and drastic economic growth. Today as tourists have the gift of the internet they don’t have to depend on agents or companies to show them around the place. From food tours, nightlife tours, or shopping tours you can make a planned itinerary based on your budget and time availability. These self-guided tours are more entertaining and enjoyable as they make the experience even more enthusiastic.

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