Nigeria Travel Secrets: What You Should and Shouldn’t Do When Visiting Nigeria

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Nigeria is slowly becoming a popular tourist attraction. More and more people are deciding to head to Africa for the beautiful weather, glorious beaches and magnificent architecture.

Now before heading on your holidays to Nigeria, there are a few things to consider. Nigeria is one of the most populous nations in the whole of Africa and is unfortunately renowned for its corrupt and violent reputation. However, those that have previously visited Nigeria have stated that the people are both welcoming and generous. The country is filled with diversity, both in religion and across its many tribes. You have to be sensitive to these situations, respect the locals way of life and follow the following tips on what to do, and indeed, what not to do when you’re visiting Nigeria.

Let’s start with what you’re not allowed to do. First of all, it is considered offensive to use your left hand to greet someone, it is considered to be unclean. Make sure you use your right hand or both hands at the same time. If you go to accept something or pick something up, always use the right!

You should always enquire about how a person is feeling and how their day is. If you are greeted and welcomed by Nigerians, they expect the same courtesy back. They are also renowned for analysing facial expressions, never express an indifferent mood as it will be taken as an offence. On the other hand, if you maintain a level of intense eye contact during conversation, this can be considered slightly invasive.

You mustn’t ever criticise Nigeria or any Nigerian, even if you hear a local do this. You should always conserve your opinion and never express your true emotions. Just be polite and speak when spoken to in this instant, never openly express your annoyance.

So I believe this one goes without saying, don’t try and dress like the NIgerians. Despite the clothing being very colourful and beautiful, it will certainly not look good on you. Nigerians actually believe their clothes look ridiculous on other nationalities.

Due to all of the violence in Nigeria, it’s crucial never to travel alone. You must always stay within a large group and never be intimidated by anybody. This could potentially happen and if it does, you will have to resort to anger and aggression if need be.

So, enough of the bad things. Let’s have a look at all the things you can do when visiting Nigeria. Firstly, you should always shake hands with someone that you meet. This is simply common courtesy in every country, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to remember.

You should always take a photocopy of your passport and carry it around with you at all times. Now something that could be quite fun: eating with your hands! Make sure you try it! A lot of Nigerian restaurants offer finger bowls and towels to keep your hands clean, however it is common courtesy to try and eat how the locals do.

If you’re thinking about where you’re going to stay when you’re in Nigeria, there are plenty of great hotels across all of the major cities. There are also plenty of homes for sale on the website, here you’ll find just about anything and will provide great inspiration when you’re looking for your holiday.

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