Should I visit the East or West coast? A primer for those interested in a trip to the US

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The United States is a fairly sizable country; it’s the sort of place that you can get easily lost in if you’re just wondering around.  Anyone that’s interested in a trip to the US should obviously do some planning ahead of their visit, if for no other reason than to maximize their time spent doing interesting things.  For many people, the East and West coasts, each containing its own major cities and attractions, are the main reason for a visit to the US.  However, given the distances between the coasts (around 3,000 miles) most individuals are forced to choose between the two.  Of course if you’re planning on relying on air travel this won’t be a problem for you, but for the purposes of this article the focus is on those who must pick and choose between the two coasts.

The East Coast

When most people think about the East coast in the US the first thing that comes to mind is New York City (where there is a seemingly infinite amount of activities to engage in virtually around the clock).  However, there are a number of other cities which dot the Eastern side of the US as well which you should consider checking out like Philadelphia, for example.  While a lot of tourists tend to aim for the northern section of the Eastern seaboard (perhaps because of the excellent seafood dining found there), there are some great beaches which are found down toward the southern stretch which are particularly nice in the summer.  If you’re traveling to the US during the fall or winter months then a trip further north might be in order, especially for those that like scenic drives across mountains and rocky beaches as well as beautiful foliage displays.  Likewise, while you’re there, you’ll want to drop in to check out at least a few of the smaller rustic towns which stretch along the coastlines, they’re quite charming.   There’s also quite a lot of history on the East coast, so for those who are interested in how the country and constitution was founded (you can visit historical sites from the revolutionary war), then this is undoubtedly the choice for you.

The West Coast

Of the two, the West coast is undoubtedly the more colorful choice.  Aside from the impossibly large and hyperactive city of Los Angeles to keep you busy, there are a great number of other regions to consider, like San Francisco and Seattle, for example.  Of course most people taking a trip the West coast are going to want to pay a visit to Hollywood, but it should be noted that there’s also plenty to do outside of the major populated areas.  First off, there are some truly incredible beaches on the Western seaboard, especially along the Pacific Coast Highway, which are both beautiful and relatively uninhabited.  To put it bluntly, nature lovers will find that the West coast is a smorgasbord of potential possessing everything from pristine beaches, desert areas up through wooded areas (as you travel north).  Simply put, there are too many things one can do here than can be covered in this short space; there’s tours in the fabled “wind country” as well as even more interesting sites like the 300ft-400ft tall giant redwoods of Sequoia National Park.

Whichever destination you choose, remember to plan ahead, stay safe and above all else, have fun!

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