The best Greek islands to visit in 2021 and beyond

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Greece is a wonderful country to explore. The food and drinks on offer are delicious, the climate is lovely and hot, and the people are accommodating and friendly. Knowing where exactly to go, though, can be tough. The sheer amount of gorgeous islands worth exploring is comprehensive, but they most definitely have something for everyone.

Greek islands can certainly be tricky to pinpoint, especially if you don’t know much about the country or have never been before. What is a certainty, though, is that Greece is home to an array of stunningly beautiful spots which can make for the perfect Greek getaway. If you’re bored of experiencing Greece from your local takeaway’s menu or through a gaming session of some Greek themed slot games for real money, then venturing out to the country might be in order. In fact, some unforgettable memories can be created in this truly beautiful destination which is enjoyed by millions of holidaymakers on a yearly basis.

If you’re considering Greece for your next vacation away, here is a look at some of the best islands to visit this year and in the future.



One of the most popular destinations in Greece, we had to kick things off with Santorini. An iconic island, you can watch the sunset in Oia, sample some fine wine at Santo’s Winery, visit the site of the catastrophic volcanic eruption which consumed Santorini over 3000 years ago and eat some fresh produce in some of the island’s top-quality restaurants. Sailing around the island is a lovely thing to do, too. If you’re keen to experience luxury, then Santorini most definitely has you covered. In fact, the island is brimming with possibilities.



Located on the western side of the country, Corfu is another favourite destination for lovers of Greece. A big island full of plenty of things to explore, you certainly aren’t short of options in Corfu. Exploring Cape Drastis is a must, strolling through to Corfu town for some shopping or a bite to eat is also a popular option, so too is venturing out to the Vlacherna Monastery, which is located out at sea.



The largest island Greece has to offer, Crete has plenty to do and see for the average holidaymaker. Popular options include visiting Spinalonga Island, relaxing on the pristine Seitan Limania Beach, and visiting the quaint village of Loutro. Taking a wander through Chania is also recommended, as is seeing the glorious views of Balos Lagoon. Crete, like most of Greece, has an excellent food culture too.



Rhodes is yet another brilliant location to visit in Greece. Popular with holidaymakers from all around the world, the island has plenty on offer. You can explore the ancient Acropolis of Lindos, catch a short boat ride to the gorgeous Symi Island, take in the historic Rhodes Old Town, and tuck into some of the island’s best treats, such as its local seafood. Other options include visiting the Palace of the Grand Master and relaxing at Agios Pavlos Beach and Saint Paul’s Bay.



A favourite of many alongside the likes of Santorini and Crete, Mykonos and its offering is breathtakingly beautiful, especially if you’re able to catch the sunset at Little Venice. Mykonos Town is worth walking through, so too is sailing over to Delos island. Kato Mili and its iconic windmills are worth sampling also. With its unique architecture and idyllic setting, Mykonos is a destination well worth visiting.

Other Greek islands worth considering for your next vacation away include Folegandros, Kastellorizo, Spetses, Symi, Kythira, Kefalonia, Skiathos, Serifos, Ios, Zakynthos, and Poros.

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