The Top 5 Offbeat Things To Do in Miami

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Miami is a city that has everything: great weather, beautiful people, and exciting history. It’s also known for having some of the best restaurants in the world.

As such, we’ve compiled a list of things to do in Miami that are different from what you’d find in most other travel guides.

These activities will give you more exposure to what makes Miami so unique—and they’re guaranteed to make your trip unforgettable!

Speakeasies In Miami

A speakeasy in Miami is a secret bar that serves alcohol. The term was coined during the Prohibition era when people would go to speakeasies to drink alcohol.

Since it’s illegal to serve alcohol in public places, speakeasies would often be hidden from plain sight and only accessible through an entrance like a phone booth or a door behind a curtain.

Speakeasies are a fun way to experience the history of Miami. There are many speakeasies in Miami, some of them are hidden, and some are right in the open.

Some speakeasies are more expensive than others, but if you’re adventurous and want to try something new, then these places will be perfect for you!

Art Deco Tour of South Beach

The Art Deco District is the oldest district in Miami Beach and is filled with beautiful architecture from the 1920s. It’s also home to some of the city’s most famous landmarks, like Ocean Drive and Washington Avenue.

The best places to visit are:

  • Lincoln Road Mall – One of South Beach’s oldest shopping malls, it features shops that sell everything from leather goods to jewelry.
  • South Beach Museum – This museum has exhibits on art deco architecture throughout history, as well as an impressive collection of vintage cars on display outside!

Little Havana

Little Havana is a neighborhood in Miami, Florida. It’s the best place to get Cuban food and coffee. You can also visit the Cuban cigar shop El Sancho for some of the best cigars around or listen to live music at La Punta or Casa de la Trova (both are located on Calle Ocho).

It’s hard not to love this part of town! Calle Ocho is the main street in Little Havana, and it’s lined with shops, restaurants, and clubs. If you want to see what life is like for the Cuban people living in Miami today, this is where you’ll find it.

Wynwood Arts District

The Wynwood Arts District is a 16-block neighborhood in Miami, Florida, United States. The district was once an industrial neighborhood but has been transformed into a thriving arts community. It is home to more than 70 galleries and artist studios.

The area was once an industrial district but has been transformed into a vibrant cultural destination known for its diverse collection of art galleries, restaurants, and bars that host live music events each week.

The area was named after the Walls family, who originally built their home here in 1896. It mainly remained vacant until the 1980s, when artists began moving into this part of town looking for affordable housing.

Over time they began developing businesses around their homes so that now you can find everything from coffee shops to restaurants serving Cuban cuisine just steps away from some of the best art galleries in Miami!

Miami Seaquarium

The Miami Seaquarium is located on Watson Island. It’s the oldest marine park in Florida and features a dolphin show, a manatee conservation center, and more.

The Miami Seaquarium has been open since 1965, making it one of the longest-running attractions in Miami. The park is open 365 days a year (except for Christmas Day), so there’s no excuse not to visit if you’re in town!


Miami is a great place to visit, but it’s also a city with a lot of hidden gems. If you have time, check out some of these offbeat activities, and make sure to leave your own recommendations in the comments!

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