The Top Countries to visit for a snowy Christmas Holiday

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It could be said that the best Christmases are the ones that are filled to the brim with mounds of snow.  There’s just something extremely magical about walking around amidst snow drifts on Christmas Eve, or waking up on Xmas day to bright, alabaster surroundings.  Of course if you live in an area that doesn’t normally receive any icy precipitation, you might be out of luck, right?

Why not take a winter trip then?  Who said you had to stay home for Christmas?  Perhaps one of the more exciting and memorable things a person (or family) can do to increase their overall enjoyment of the holiday season is to visit another country.  However, rather than just randomly choosing a destination or looking for something that’s more suited for a traditional vacation, why not consider a snowy territory?  Let’s be honest, who doesn’t prefer a white Christmas over a dull and dreary one?   Here are some of the top countries to visit if you’re looking for a fun-filled snowy Christmas holiday experience…

Denmark (Copenhagen)

It’s not always going to be a given that there will be snow on the ground in Copenhagen during Christmas, but when there is it’s magical, to say the least.  It should also be noted that according to a number of international studies, the people of Denmark are officially some of the “happiest” people on Earth.  That alone should make a visit to Copenhagen seem like a good idea.  However, what makes the city such a great destination for Xmas is the incredible amount of cheer the people exhibit.  You’ll find a whole host of winter-themed activities, from an ice palace and the world-renowned Trivoli gardens, to a Christmas carnival and vibrant light shows; Copenhagen is definitely one of the hottest places to visit during the holidays.


There are few places in the world that are as beautiful as Switzerland, particularly when it comes to areas with distinctive snow-drenched winters.  The fist thing you need to know is that winter-themed activities and holidays have an extremely long and rich traditional history in various areas within Switzerland.  Moreover, it’s snow-capped Alps and various ski lodges are more or less begging for visitors for the Christmas season.  Outside of that, various territories tend to go out of their way with regards to holiday decorations and instigating cheer.   You’ll discover mountaintop Xmas villages, specialized Christmas markets containing gourmet treats, in addition to many other attractions.  Of course the big benefit of traveling to Switzerland for the holidays is that you’re definitely going to be able to find a place that’s covered in snow rather easily.

Canada (Vancouver, Quebec, Montreal)

Due to its position in the Northern hemisphere, Canada is prone to receiving regular snowfall, especially during the Christmas period.  Of the cities worth visiting during the holidays, Vancouver, Quebec and Montreal are perhaps your best bets.  First off, we have Vancouver, which is a city that pretty much goes out of its way each year with the holiday festivities.  You’ll find an incredible wealth of activities here, including ice skating rinks, decorated ships in the harbor, amazing light festivals, and even a replica of the North Pole.  Moreover, there’s even the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park which is generally lit up and stretched across the landscape.

Quebec is hands down, probably the best place you can visit for Christmas if you like flash and cheer.  In fact, you’re pretty much guaranteed a white Christmas if you visit Quebec as well as an assortment of things to do which rivals any other destination in the world.  The famous “Christmas in Old Quebec” celebration that takes place each year is simply incredible.  There are loads of shops, lights galore, decorations everywhere; it’s a veritable winter wonderland.

If the previous locales don’t suit your fancy, why not consider Montreal, which is known for its white Christmases (among other things).  On its face, this city possesses a very distinctive European charm that many find to be very inviting. Among the festive decorations and lights illuminating the streets, you’ll find nice architecture which spans back to the 1600’s.  Additionally, each shop is meticulously decorated for the holidays and there’s even a popular Santa Claus parade and museum exhibits to explore as well.


If you’re looking for a great white Christmas destination in Europe, there is perhaps no better choice than that of Austria.  In this stunningly beautiful country you’ll find very old towns and villages as well as the imposing Austrian Alps and their resorts, each ringing in the holiday with the appropriate levels of fanfare and aplomb.  Not only do the Austrian people take their Christmas celebrations quite seriously, they also tend to offer up specialized markets during the holiday where travelers can experience the wares of local craftsmen.  Of course if you really want to experience something special you can travel to Vienna or Salzburg for Christmas in order to take part in the splendor of their respective holiday celebrations.  Where else can you go to have an amazing white Christmas while also being in close proximity to magnificent ancient palaces?  Naturally, music lovers will want to visit Salzburg (which is the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) to take in some classical music amidst the holiday surroundings and atmosphere.

The United States (Alaska)

If you’re in the mood for a trip to the US, why not visit Alaska, which is no stranger to snow-covered Christmases.  What makes this destination such an ideal one though is the fact that the entire territory is basically always in “winter mode”, which more or less makes Xmas one of the more important holidays for the people living there (both personally and in terms of tourism revenue).  You’ll be able to experience incredible winter-themed carnivals, ice carving competitions, dog-sledding, and other events like snow-shoe races.  Additionally, you’ll even find areas which are made up to look like mock versions of the “North Pole”, replete with Santa-themed décor, reindeer, as well as other delights.

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