The travel gadgets worth buying in 2021

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Whether it’s through the use of a sophisticated miniature camera or using a tiny white noise machine to help a baby drift off to sleep in a new location, travellers all around the world are turning to an extensive selection of travel gadgets at the moment. Technology has certainly made its mark on the travel industry.

The range of travel gadgets people can now purchase is growing on an impressively regular basis too. Some products are better than others, but overall they enable a holiday to go more smoothly and can ultimately result in no stress and an easier trip. There are gimmicks in this area, though, with some products simply not up to scratch or offering limited benefit to a holidaymaker. Still, the same applies in most other genres, too, where supposedly innovative creations fail to really hit the mark.

If you’re keen to keep your stuff organised while on the go or you need to entertain yourself while on a long-distance flight, then here is a selection of travel gadgets worth looking at.


Travelling with any cables, pens, wires and the like? If so, then keep them all organised and safe in one place with a Bagsmart. Coming in a variety of sizes, a Bagsmart will fit any easy to lose things you might have and then roll up smartly to fit into your suitcase or hand luggage. Not only does it provide a safe haven for your valuables, but it looks slick too.


Be it trekking up a glorious mountain or relaxing on a beach with family, people regularly take some form of a camera with them while on vacation. With the GoPro HERO8, you’re not only getting a camera boasting high visibility with an anti-slip and extended dive handle grip for any water activities, but you can take it absolutely anywhere thanks to its robust build too. The picture quality isn’t bad either.

Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 PD

The modern traveller has become heavily reliant on their smartphone devices. Some need a smartphone to search for hostels nearby, while others might use it to keep themselves entertained during a relaxing pool day with some music or a game or two of the Amazon Wild slot game at With that in mind, keeping the device fully charged is vitally important. To keep your smartphone working, consider purchasing a portable battery like the Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 PD. It’s compact, weighs the same as a smartphone, and comes with USB-A and USB-C ports.

C-Gear Original Sand-Free Mat

Some people can’t stand sand. It can feel odd to some, while for others, it manages to find its way into the most annoying of crevices. If sand isn’t your friend, then consider purchasing the C-Gear Original Sand-Free Mat. Initially intended for military use, this clever mat simply refuses to let sand stick to it. It’s perfect for a fun and stress-free beach outing.

Skyroam Solis

One of the best mobile Wi-Fi hotspots around, the Skyroam Solis eliminates the need for any foreign SIM cards or roaming charges when on vacation. It offers unlimited 4G LTE service in over 130 countries and also comes with the ability to support up to five connections. This clever gadget even works as a charger for a mobile phone or a tablet, too.


Packing is made easy with the help of a VAGO. This minuscule product removes all of the air from inside of your suitcase and condenses down any clothes you have already packed to make room for any new additions. The VAGO is an essential travel tool.

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