Travel with baby in the US

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Many people think that taking a baby on a self-driving tour is an impossible task. In fact, as long as you are well prepared, it is not difficult and very interesting.

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Baggage preparation

Change of laundry, laundry soap, small package laundry detergent. In many places in the US, there is a big temperature difference between day and night, and places with high altitudes will be colder, so you must bring a jacket. There are not many sets of clothes for your baby. If your baby eats or leaks poo on the road, it will get dirty. You need to replace it at any time. Use a coin-operated washing machine to wash a batch of clothes in the hotel every few days. Buy a small package of laundry detergent or powder for travel, use one at a time, it is very convenient when traveling. Some Travel Laundry Kits also come with Sink Stopper, which may be used to wash clothes at the sink.

Toiletries, including towels, saliva towels, bib pockets, toothbrushes and toothpaste, toiletries, body lotions, sunscreen, and anti-mosquito products. If there is space in the car, you can even bring a bathtub or a small toilet.

If you are breastfeeding your baby, bring a nursing towel and you can breastfeed outside. The United States is very friendly to breastfeeding. Shopping malls have maternity rooms. People also breast feeded in restaurants, parking lots, parks and even the observation deck of the Empire State Building – remember to bring a breastfeeding suit. Now there are many good-looking and practical Breath feeding Covers, and you can sew one by yourself. For babies with milk powder, bring milk bottles, milk powder, and bottle brushes, etc., according to their respective conditions.

Babies who have already eaten complementary foods can bring ready-made baby food. There are many baby foods in glass jars and plastic bottles, as well as baby rice noodles, and fruit suckers. Every time you eat one bottle or box, you can eat it immediately. We do not heat it. Don’t forget to bring water cups and tableware. If you want to bring homemade baby porridge, I will share it in detail below.

You can bring some baby diapers and wet wipes, because it’s your own car, and you can put your luggage freely, so we try to bring as many as possible, and you can buy them at the nearest Walmart / Target when you run out. When the baby no longer uses diapers, I also bring two packs of wet wipes, which are very useful.

First Aid Kit, anti-fever medicine, trauma disinfectant, hemostatic patch, cotton swab, thermometer. Money-saving tips: Target, Walgreens often have drug promotions. If there is a temporary need for other medicines, many towns have Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid and other pharmacies.

Toys that babies often play with, gadgets that relieve their boredom in the car, such as crayons, building blocks, and Lego.

Umbrella carts, straps, anti-lost backpacks, etc. It is really not recommended to bring a big cart when traveling.

Pack a large suitcase with things for adults and a small suitcase for things for babies. You can see at a glance what you have brought and what hasn’t been brought. Use zipper bags to classify them. Things like diapers will become less and less used, and the boxes will gradually have more space for souvenirs.

If you find something you forgot to bring after you go out, don’t panic, just buy it locally.

Travel accommodation

For people don’t have a high budget, and don’t require 4 stars or 5 stars, just clean hotels. Most of the time just stay in cheap chain hotels, such as Best Western, Super 8, Chase, Holiday Inn, Comfort Inn, etc. There are too many choices. Unless you have a play plan, don’t stay in a big city, try to spend the night in a small town.

For example, in Ohio, the capital of Columbus is a relatively large city, hotels will be more expensive, and if you drive east for an hour to Zanesville, or to Cambridge, or to the east, hotels will be cheaper.

Similarly, in New York, living in Brooklyn is fairly convenient. It takes about half an hour to enter the city by subway. Queens is not recommended because it is too far from the city. A friend of mine recommends living in Newport, Jersey City, Hoboken. You can rent a short-term apartment. The price is similar to a hotel, and the facilities are more complete. It takes only 20 minutes to go to downtown New York by train. The train terminal stops at the Statue of God Ferry subway station.

Open, or, enter the name of the city, and select hotels around town. The price is between $80-120 (the price varies depending on the location). Look at the review, look at the pictures, pay attention to see if there is free WIFI, free parking, free breakfast (don’t expect too much breakfast, it’s not good). Especially in big cities like New York, free parking is necessary, otherwise the parking fee will cost dozens of dollars a day.

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