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Top 4 Fishing Resorts in Minnesota

Minnesota is one of the country’s prime destinations for fishing lovers because of its many lakes and rivers and wide variety of fish available. Minnesota also offers prime lodging options for visitors as well. If you were thinking of visiting the region for a fishing trip, here are four resorts you should consider before booking your trip away.

Big Rock Resort

Big Rock Resort is one of the most beautiful fishing resorts in Walker, MN and counts a total of 20 cabins. Their cabins, which can accommodate up to 6 guests, are outfitted with televisions, full kitchens, ceiling fans, microwaves, picnic areas and barbecues. The resort also features a separate lodge with a bar, a library, a small store and a counter where they sell prepared foods.

If you decide to go to Big Rock, you’ll have the chance to fish at Leech Lake where you’ll be able to catch largemouth bass, muskies and perch. Boats are welcome, and they also offer boats for rent. There are also a few fishing docks situated along the shore.

Birch Forest Lodge

If you’re going up north, then you should consider Birch Forest Lodge near lake Pelican. The resort is recognized as one of the best MN resorts and offers a total of 11 cabins equipped with the finest amenities. 8 of these cabins have 2 bedrooms while 3 of them have 3, which makes the resort a perfect place for bigger groups and families. The cabins also vary in style, with some having more of a rustic feel while others are more modern. Each cabin comes with a full kitchen, barbecue a picnic area and tons of other amenities like microwaves, coffeemakers and dishwashers.

Lake Pelican is one of the state’s best fishing lakes and offers a wide variety of fishes like Walleye, Largemouth Bass and Northern Pike.

Gull Four Season

Gull Four Season is also a great resort for people thinking of going in large groups or with their families. The resort features different lodging accommodations and each lodge is equipped with the standard patio deck and barbecue, dishwasher and fireplace. The resort offers boat rentals as well. You’ll be fishing at Gull Lake where you’ll be able to catch sunfish, northern pike and bass just to name a few.

Timber Trail Lodge

Timber Trail Lodge, which is located in Ely, Minnesota, is another option for people looking to accommodate large groups. The resort offers regular hotel rooms and 1 to 6 bedrooms lodges as well. Cabins come equipped with their own kitchenette and single or twin beds. In addition to lodging accommodations, Timber Trail also offers boat rentals and fishing guide services. Most common fishes in the region include walleye, bass, northern pike and panfish

As you can see, Minnesota has no shortage of great destinations to offer. Whatever lodge you decide to go through, make sure that you take the time to assess your needs and see which one would be more suited to your style and preferences.


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