Tourism Info: The best US travel destinations for 2013


If you’re an international traveler and are considering a trip the US you’re in for a real treat.  One of the things that make the US a great travel destination is the sheer amount of diversity you will encounter.  Within the borders of the US you can experience an extremely wide range of climates, landscapes and natural phenomenon.  But it’s not just the environment that’s varied, there are also a wide assortment of different types of people and cultures to experience, many of which you might not have ever heard of before.  Anyway, here are some top travel destination picks for 2013 to pique your interest.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Known as the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia (aka – “Philly”) is a city that’s steeped in history dating back to the founding fathers.  Aside from the many historical attractions which the city boasts, Philadelphia also contains a wide range of excellent hotels and consumer centers which tourists tend to absolutely love.  Likewise, as with most other major US cities there’s always a flurry of arts, sports and convention events taking place, pretty much all year long.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Another New England destination that’s sure to attract nature lovers is the state of Maine.  What makes this area special is its dense woodlands and forests as well as its rocky beaches which support a vibrant seafood industry.  Maine is truly a beautiful state and anyone that wants to pay a visit to the US who happens to have an appreciation for nature will really enjoy their stay there.  Additionally, many of the cities in the state are generally of a higher socio-economic stature, meaning that you might even occasionally rub elbows with some politicians, celebrities, etc…

Maine USA

Denver, Colorado

Also called the “mile-high city”, Denver has really come into its own over the course of the last decade.  This Colorado city is not only surrounded by some truly awe-inspiring nature sites, it’s also a popular spot to hold major music festivals.  Of course the most obvious feature you’ll notice on a trip to Colorado is the stunning Rocky Mountains, which are definitely a sight to behold.  Moreover, like all other large US cities, Denver plays host to an amazing number of attractions comprising everything from your standard tourism fare like guided tours to museums and beyond.

Denver, Colorado

Fairbanks, Alaska

If you’re looking for something completely different, why not contemplate a trip to Fairbanks, Alaska?  While it’s true that Alaska tends to feature colder than average temperatures (by most people’s estimation) it’s also a place where you can experience some very unique phenomenon.  For instance, most people who come to Fairbanks are generally interested in two things – seeing the northern lights and gazing into a fabled “midnight sun”.  Of course for the more adventurous there’s always the icy wilderness and the amazing amount of wildlife that the state plays host to.   Fairbanks contains plenty of incredible hotels as well which help to drive its vibrant tourism industry.

Fairbanks, Alaska

Sierra Nevada, California

Yet another amazing mountainous destination worth checking out is Sierra Nevada, California.  Simply put, this entire region is a nature lover’s paradise and has long been heralded by tourists from across the globe as an interesting destination. There are almost too many scenic routes and resorts to even mention and if you decide to take a trip here you’ll certainly not be at a loss when it comes to looking for something to do.

Sierra Nevada

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