UK Airport Tranfers: What You Need To Know

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We all know how exciting going on holiday in a hot country can be, yet most of us don’t give a second thought to airport transfers when we book. Even if you get a truly fantastic deal on your holiday package and find some really cool cheap apartments to rent Kefalonia, Greece, you could encounter extortionate costs when simply trying to reach your chosen airport in the UK.

For the most part, UK residents tend to travel from their local airport, but this isn’t always an option when booking a budget or last minute deal, so taxis or transfer services are usually essential – no one wants to leave their car at the airport for two weeks, the parking charges alone usually make this option financially redundant anyway.

So, with all this in mind, you probably want to know about the quickest and cheapest ways of getting to and from the runway, right? Well, luckily for you i’ve identified the problem and will attempt to solve it in this short article.

Using A Standard Taxi Service

Depending on the distance you’ll need to travel, using a taxi can be a very cost effective way of making the journey. Ideally you want a distance somewhere between 20 and 100 miles for this solution to be suitable. This will mean the taxi providers will offer you a set price instead of running on the meter – which is definitely what you want.

Using A Private Car & Chauffeur Service

If money isn’t a problem and you want to travel and arrive at the airport in style, opting to call one of the many first-class private car and chauffeur providers is a brilliant idea. Most will arrive at your home wearing full chauffeur costume and willing to cater to your every travel need. I hired a driver with a Jaguar XF myself last year, and though it was expensive, it was definitely worth it to see the look on my friends faces when I arrived at the airport car park.

Using A Specialised 24/7 Transfer Service

Now, you would think that companies who solely specialise in taking travellers to and from airports would be the cheapest option, right? Wrong! Though I can’t for the life of me work out why, specialist airport transfer companies usually quote just above standard taxi fees, so you’re probably best to avoid them like the plague in all honesty. You’ll be much better off using normal taxis unless you want something special, in which case; pay for something special!

Using A Friend Or Family Member

For those who don’t want to spend a single penny on getting to the airport, just ask one of your friends or family members to give you a lift. At the end of the day, unless you need to be there at 4am, this is truly your best option when on a budget. I tend to fly at silly times and so this isn’t really an option for me, but if your flight is between 6am and 11pm then I say go for it. You’re sure to find someone who’s willing to wave you off.

So there you have it my friends. Now you know a little bit about all the options that are open to you. I hope now you’re a little less confused about the best solution for you.

Have an amazing vacation, and i’ll see you when you get back!

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