Visiting France? Here are 4 Things you Must Do

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France is a wonderful place, full of amazing cities that just have so much on offer for you to experience and discover. France is the perfect destination, whether you’re looking for a weekend away, a holiday, a family vacation or even a romantic break. Here’s 4 things you simply must do when visiting France:


Nice is a really beautiful part of France, so beautiful in fact that writers and artists from all over the world come here to allow it to inspire them. It’s not just for artists though, tourists and even kids will love it here. Go to castle hill, where you’ll be able to view Nice in all of it’s glory, and if you’re feeling brave why not take the 100 steps up to the top of the hill? The air is fresh and clean and you can really sense the history it contains.

But that’s not all, Nice is full of great shopping opportunities in fashionable boutiques, fine dining opportunities in gourmet restaurants, and brilliant beaches to top up your tan. If you’re going to France then the whole family will love Nice!


Marseille is a great choice for anybody after a bit of culture on their trip to France. In Marseille you’ll find plenty of tourist attractions, landmarks, day activities and shopping. Why not take one of the ever popular wine tours and become a connoisseur for the day? If you like walking, take a walk around the Vallon des Auffes where you’ll find some lovely scenic spots. Marseille isn’t short on museums, castles and cathedrals either. There’s plenty of boutique shops to satisfy your urge to shop too, with places such as the Didier Parakian that sell quirky, unique clothes.


Rouen is not one of the most popular areas in France but you can still have a great time exploring here. The Hotel de Bourgtheroulde is a beautiful landmark of the city, not to mention the Rue Saint-Romain which is a lovely street lined with almost time warped gothic and renaissance buildings. If you want to see some fine art then the Musee des Beaux-Arts de Rouen is perfect for you, be sure to see the impressionist exhibit! There isn’t many places to shop here, but it’s perfect for anyone looking to explore and experience some history and culture.


Of course you can’t talk about France and not mention the nations capital! Paris is a very safe bet as there’s something for everyone here. Museums, landmarks, amusement, shopping, nightlife – everything! There’s so much to do we simply couldn’t name it all here, so we’ll give you a couple of starting points. It’s advisable to maybe learn a little French before you go, so that asking for directions and where things are is a little easier.

If you’re a jazz fan you can find plenty of jazz bars here, such as Cave du 38 Riv, Le Caveau des Oubliettes and Le Caveau de la Huchette. Even if you aren’t a fan of jazz yet, visit anyway and see what you think! There’s plenty more places that have a different sound if you fancy a drink elsewhere. Paris is famous for it’s shopping – so make sure you take plenty of cash if you’re hitting the shops. There’s also plenty of bike tours and walking tours for you to really explore the city.

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