(Last Updated On: July 24, 2021)

People around the world love to ski, snowboard and engage in other snow sports. There are some countries that are better known for their choice skiing than others. For example, Canada, some American states and many countries in Europe, such as Austria, are popular for skiing vacations. Usually, a great skiing destination needs mountains high enough to gather snow in the local climate. But there are some skiing destinations that might surprise you. Countries known for their warmer climates or simply not known for their ski culture often make for great skiing vacations. Among the unusual places you’ll find ski fun are Dubai, Australia and South Korea.


The United Arab Emirates certainly aren’t the first country you think of when it comes to skiing. If you think Dubai doesn’t have any great natural skiing locations, you would be right. But there is somewhere to ski in Dubai, and it’s quite big. The indoor ski resort in Dubai’s Mall of Emirates covers 22,500 square meters. It has a 60-meter artificial mountain and five slopes of different difficulties, including the world’s first indoor black run. Next door, the Snow Park has runs for sleds and toboggans, plus a climbing tower.

5591534161_45d87612da_zPhoto by Trysil


People think of Australia as a perpetually sunny country, but, in fact, there are several places to ski Down Under. The island of Tasmania has two different locations, at Ben Lomond and Mount Mawson. Ben Lomond is open from July each year, sitting between 1,460 to 1,570 meters. You can also ski in New South Wales, on the slopes at Kiandra, or in Victoria on Mount Buller. Visit http://www.traveller.com.au/ to read more about vacationing in Australia, as well as other destinations.

South Korea

Gangnam Style brought South Korea to the attention of many young people in recent years. But as well as catchy pop songs, the country also has great skiing locations. Yongpyong calls itself “Asia’s Mecca for winter sports.” And there are certainly enough slopes to choose from. You can ski (or snowboard) on the resorts 31 slopes, and get up there on one of the 15 lifts. There are halfpipes and ramps for anyone who enjoys doing tricks too. In the past, they have hosted races for the alpine skiing World Cup.


Hawaii is famed for its beaches, but it also has a small area for skiing. Snow falls on Mount Kea in January and February, attracting local skiers. You won’t find any cultivated slopes or ski lifts here, but there are competitions once or twice a year.


Just 45 miles south of Marrakech, you’ll find the Atlas Mountains. Here, you can enjoy some excellent skiing, not far from dusty streets and even deserts. The resort of Oukaimeden is Africa’s highest ski resort, with the village at 2,600 metres and the chairlift rising to the peak of Jebel Attar, at 3,258m.

Next time you go skiing, perhaps you should give one of these destinations a go, instead of sticking with the usual suspects.

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