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5 of the Best Hiking Tours in The World

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If you’re a bit of an adventure seeker or adrenalin junkie, chances are you might enjoy a bit of hiking from time to time. Well, you’ll be glad to know that I’ve been doing some research for the last couple of weeks, and have managed to identify some of the worlds most exciting hiking locations for thrill-lovers. Not being much of a walker myself, I had to browse through hundreds of pages on various forums to compile this list, but I’m very confident even the most experienced hikers wouldn’t argue with it.

So, spend a moment or two reading through the following paragraphs, and I’m confident you’ll be inspired to venture outside of the UK next time you fancy a few days away in some unfamiliar terrain. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve not got a problem with the facilities here at home, they just pale in comparison to other places around the globe.

  1. The Great Smoky Mountains – US. Most experts consider this location to be the native homeland of Cherokee Indians, perhaps the most famous group ever to exist. Still, history aside, in 1934 this area gained national park status, and since then has been maintained perfectly. At a size of over 500,000 acres, it’s actually the largest reserve in the entire of eastern America.

  2. Quebec – Canada. I’ve got to hold my hands up here and say that although I’m not really a hiker per se, I did spend a month in Canada a couple of years ago, and visited Quebec whilst I was there – so perhaps I’m a little biased. Even so, thousands of hiking enthusiasts visit this region on a regular basis, and with giant gorges, huge lakes and granite-peaked mountains at every turn, it’s easy to see why.

  3. Mount Everest – Anyone wishing to hike Everest has two main options. As the precise summit point marks the border between China and Nepal, it’s possible to climb up both sides depending on which country you wish to fly into. This is the highest location above sea level on the planet.

  4. Nova Scotia – Canada. Sadly, I never got the opportunity to visit this region when I took my trip, but from the posts I’ve been reading on forums it seems I really missed out. As a coastal area, there’s fantastic greenery and more mountains than you could shake a stick at, so the experience is guaranteed to be more than satisfying.

  5. The Alps – Switzerland. For anyone who really doesn’t fancy travelling that far away from home, the Alps mountain range that runs through many different countries in Europe could be the perfect solution. I only mention Switzerland because flights are usually a little cheaper to here. Plus, not enough UK citizens visit this country – it’s actually really cool, try it.

Well, I hope now you’re feeling motivated and ready to book a life-changing hiking holiday. You won’t be young forever, and this definitely isn’t an old mans game, so don’t hesitate and start making arrangements today.

See you next time my friends!

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