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6 Reasons You Should Visit New Zealand

When you’re looking for that holiday in a lifetime, you probably are looking at somewhere only a long haul flight can reach. You probably want unique landscapes and wildlife as well as a rich cultural heritage to explore. Check out these six reasons why New Zealand could fit the bill for you this year:

  1. Because you love Lord of the Rings – For any film buff, New Zealand really does have it all. New Zealander Peter Jackson knew his homeland would be perfect for the movie, and he wasn’t wrong. The stunning locations used are well worth the visit. Of course, some of them may have had a little extra movie magic fairy dust sprinkled on for good effect.
  2. Because you love interesting cultures – The Maori are certainly interesting. A lot of their cultural heritage is alive and well in the people of New Zealand. If you look into a car rental booking, you can drive to many of the sights that are open to tourists. You can see beautiful carvings and wood sculptures being made, and enjoy the awesome energy of the Haka war dance. Best of all, you can see some of the reproductions of the canoes that brought the Maori to these islands 1000 years ago.
  3. Because you love the performing arts – Cuba Street is the place to go for a vibrant carnival-like atmosphere. Some of the best street performers in the world come here to entertain the crowds. You can also find plenty of places to dine and shop in the area. The nightlife is pretty incredible too.
  4. Because you love wildlife and nature – New Zealand is home to some of the most exotic wildlife in the world. As a small country with a small population, these two islands lack the damage of human interference. It’s one of the most unspoilt countries with unusual wildlife. You will have plenty of chances to see them in the wild, but the zoos in New Zealand are very good for close encounters. Book ahead, and you may have a chance to get up close and personal with your favourite species.
  5. Because you love adventure – New Zealand is one of the best places in the world for mountain biking and hiking. There are plenty of great trails. Head out in the car to reach incredible mountain climbs, or coastline walks. You can easily spend every day exploring this beautiful country.
    Image thanks to Flickr
  6. Because you want it all – New Zealand certainly gives other holiday destinations a run for their money. When you’re planning a vacation, you probably have a checklist of things you want to do. You might want five-star dining and exclusive shopping. You could be into active sports like cycling and climbing, or canoeing. Perhaps you want golden beaches and exotic waterfalls. New Zealand really does have all this and more. You can enjoy incredible landscapes with mountain backdrops, and unspoilt countryside and wildlife. Amazing.

New Zealand is a beautiful country spread over two small islands. For such a tiny nation, it does pack a punch though! Why not make New Zealand your holiday destination for 2015? Happy holidaying.



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